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Elemental Herbology Serum and Body Lotion

August 12, 2013
Meet Elemental Herbology; a luxury skincare brand that combines natural ingredients with the high-performance of cosmeceutical brands. The brand launched in 2008 and is founded by Kristy Cimesa, who has worked in the spa and skincare industries for over fourteen years. 

Their hero product is the Elemental Herbology Cell Food Facial Serum* which is described as 'radiance in a bottle'. It is an anti-ageing power house of proteins, vitamins and anti-oxidants and can be applied every night after cleansing. It claims to:

♥ Transform dull skin and promotes radiance
♥ Reduce pigmentation and balance the complexion
♥ Boost the skin to protect against pollution
♥ Soften and improve the skin's texture

I've been trying this serum for the past two weeks as I want to start incorporating a serum into my daily skincare routine and I really like it. The consistency is very light and absorbs quickly into the skin, it has a lovely subtle scent and you only need one big squeeze from the pipette (great phrase there). This little bottle will be lasting me for some time! My skin has been looking great and so far, I've been really impressed. 

The Elemental Herbology Watermelon & Cucumber Body Moisturiser* is a high performance body moisturiser that soothes and cools the skin while helping to optimise the life of your tan. It is light and non-greasy and incorporates cooling and nourishing botanicals. This body lotion is absolutely perfect for summer - I thought that the scent could be quite overpowering but it's very subtle and the scent is more herbal than fruity. It absorbs really quickly and doesn't leave skin feeling at all sticky. The cooling quality also means that it can be used as an after-sun.

The Serum costs £42 and the Body Lotion costs £21. They are both available from
5 comments on "Elemental Herbology Serum and Body Lotion"
  1. I've been looking for a new serum for a while and was looking at this :) thanks for the review! xx

  2. Thanks for sharing, I've been wanting cell food for ages- might just have to buy it now :)
    Daneilla x

  3. I really like the sound of both of these! And Watermelon & Cucumber sounds amazing! Lovely post =)

    Erin, xx

  4. This sounds lovely! good value for money if it lasts you a long while!


Thank you for the comment! x