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Autumn Wishlist

October 11, 2013
Autumn wants

5. H&M Scarf - £4 (reduced!)

The past few days have really felt like Autumn. We've been a bit spoilt this summer (not complaining at all!) with weeks of lovely sunshine and a mild September - now it feels like Autumn/Winter has begun. 

Our new flat looks out to parkland and we have trees lining our road- the leaves are starting to change and crunch under my feet as I walk home. I really love Autumn - minus the days like today when it's rainy, windy and you just want to race home and get warm.

I've chosen six items that would set me up for this Autumn. I love a good blanket which is why it's first on the list - Chris and I can often be found snuggled under a blanket each (such oldies!) and they are a permanent fixture on our sofas. I also chose the Lush Cinders bath bomb and the Neom Organics Real Luxury candle to fill the home with delicious scents. Baths are my favourite in the colder months, especially when there are candles and bath bombs to make it even more of a relaxing experience. 

I often look for a new bag for the Autumn months and love this offering from Topshop. I do enjoy a large bag to lug around- although it does end up filled with rubbish! 

I feel that a tartan scarf is essential for the next few months which is why I found this bargain from H&M - they are great for brightening up an outfit and for cheering you up when you feel hidden under a coat. And finally - these gorgeous slippers from UGG which are the most cosy things ever! I'm very tempted to get these when I'm in the US next year.

What are you wishing for this Autumn?
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  1. I love the scarf from h&m! It's so cute and perfect for this time of year xx

  2. That scarf is so perfect, I need to get to H&M!

    Jennie xo |


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