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Lush Christmas Goodies

November 27, 2013
As soon as Christmas starts rearing it's very lovely festive head, I start craving a Lush visit. It may be because of the influx of blogposts and YouTube videos showing all of the lovely Christmas Lush products or the fact that I start having far more baths (not to say I don't wash regularly of course, but in the winter I will usually choose a bath over a shower).

I actually had a birthday voucher for Lush which I'd been holding onto until the Christmas products arrived. I just adore all of the Xmas stuff.

I bought all of the products photographed above, and also the So White Bath Bomb. I couldn't wait until I'd photographed them all to start breaking into my stash! It was the first time I'd tried So White and it's quickly become a favourite - it's smells really strongly of apples but the bath actually turns pink which was a pleasant surprise for me.

I tried the Bombardino Bath Bomb last night (first photo)- how cute is that little face?! This carries an Alpine-esque scent of cocoa butter and lemon oil. It leaves your skin feeling really moisturised and turns your bath very yellow! Really liked it but probably not one of my favourites.

Second image down is the infamous Melting Snowman Bath Melt. I think he's cute although I sent the picture to my friend and she thinks he looks a bit evil. Poor Snowman! This bath melt is packed with Christmassy ingredients such as cinnamon, clove and orange oils. It also has cocoa and shea butter so your skin feels super moisturising. I was actually quite surprised at the difference it made to my skin - usually I just enjoy a Lush product for the scent but this actually 'did something'.

I have also purchased the Cinders Bath Bomb (third photo) but am yet to try it. This is described as another very festive scent which includes almond oil, orange and cinnamon. It also has some popping candy which is rather exciting.

Finally there is the Golden Wonder Bath Bomb (fourth photo). A huge product which is probably one of the best presents ever. I bought a few of these last year and love how magical they are. They turn the water different colours, add some golden dust to your bath and there are even some twinkly stars in there. Pretty lovely really.

I bought these last week and only have Cinders and Golden Wonder left to use. I go through Lush products ridiculously quick! If I have them in the house I will just use them for every bath - whoops! I think I will be back at Lush very soon.

Biscuiteers Jolly Gingers

November 19, 2013

I discovered Biscuiteers last year at work when my boss got engaged. A colleague bought her two of the Jolly Ginger Biscuiteers dressed up as a bride and groom - they came packaged in a lovely box (pictured above) and I loved the idea. 

A couple of weeks ago I wanted to send my lovely Mum (hi!) a thank you for lots of good house advice and remembered the Biscuiteers. A quick look on the website, a few clicks and the very cute Fleur Jolly Ginger was travelling up to Lincoln to surprise her. 
The Biscuiteers website has lots of other edible presents that can be sent including chocolate, cake and even biscuit cards. The Jolly Gingers are my personal favourite though- they are reasonably priced at £6 and there are so many to choose from to suit any different occasion. If you want to send something that is just a little bit different then I highly recommend these.

Review: L'Oreal Paris EverRiche Oil Precieux

November 17, 2013


 L'Oreal Paris EverRiche Oil Precieux*


£7.99 RRP

What does it claim to do?

"L'Oréal Paris Ever Riche Absolute Oil Precieux helps perfect the facettes of beautiful hair: light, touch & movement. Diffused as a fine mist the formula weightlessly nourishes the hair leaving it feeling silky smooth with a luxuriously brilliant shine. Infused with oriental jasmine aroma it is pure indulgence for your senses." - L'Oreal

What do I think?

Oooh I really do love a hair oil. Any beauty product with 'oil' in the title makes me instantly want to try it and this was no exception. 

This is a new offering from the L'Oreal EverRiche range - products that are designed for dry and fine hair. I really like the EverRiche range- especially their hair mask which always works wonders. The Oil Precieux is a really fine spray that you can use on either dry or damp hair. I have been using it before blow drying and absolutely love it - it smells divine and doesn't leave your hair weighed down or sticky- which is an issue I've found with other oils. I can really tell a difference after drying my hair- it feels so soft and in good condition. My friend even commented on the condition yesterday which is always a great sign and makes me want to repurchase a product over and over!

Would I re-purchase?

Yes- really like this!

Organic Surge Christmas Beauty Blogger's Bundle

November 12, 2013
The title of this post is quite a mouthful - introducing the Organic Surge Christmas Beauty Blogger's Bundle*. Phew!

This bundle is exclusive to beauty blog readers and offers four of the most popular Organic Surge products with beauty bloggers, with a 13% discount marking the end of 2013. The shower gel and the moisturiser are two personal favourites so I was pleased to see these in the selection, and look forward to trying the hand cream and hair mask.

The products include:

Organic Surge Citrus Mint Shower Gel - this shower gel blends purifying and stimulating organic essential oils with natural moisturisers to refresh and invigorate, while natural skin healer aloe vera works to soothe any skin irritation or blemishes.

Organic Surge 2 Minute Moisture Hair Mask - super-charged with pure coconut oil and plant extracts, it works to penetrate the hair shaft, targeting weak or damaged areas and helping to protect hair from the inside out. 

Organic Surge Lavender Meadow Hand & Nail Cream - this hand cream has an intensive moisturising action and is quickly-absorbed to provide comfort and hydration. Enriched with organic lavender and geranium essential oils, and moisturising vitamin E and cocoa butter.

Organic Surge Blissful Daily Moisturiser - this moisturiser blends natural hydrators, antioxidants and essential oils to balance oily and dry skin zones and maintain a healthy, smooth complexion.

You can buy the bundle for £20.95 and it can be accessed using this link.

Recent Flat Purchases

November 09, 2013
We have been living in our flat for almost two months now and so I wanted to share a few of the little bits and bobs that we have bought and been kindly given. We haven't bought many 'big' things yet as are going to be re-decorating and there is quite a bit of work to be done - luckily my parents gave us lots of their furniture when they moved house so we are fine for the moment.


The IKEA Tea Light Lantern was a bargainous £2 and I think I will be buying a few more to dot around as they are so lovely. You can buy it in a few different colours but the white is my favourite. We bought a big pack of pink tea-lights to go in it and it currently lives on our fireplace. 

I love this Ice Cream Scoop. It was a house-warming gift from my Aunt and they bought it from a small shop in Covent Garden (I think!). I love the pattern and want to always have it out on display!

This milk bottle type vase is also an IKEA purchase and can be viewed here. This was £1 and we just bought a couple of artificial flowers to go into it until we buy a proper bunch a fresh flowers. I like how these aren't like a typical vase and are something a bit different. They are just cute. We have bought two and they are also sitting on our fireplace!

Finally, these are the Jamie Oliver Stacking Egg Cups (can't find a link for them in this colour but here is a similar version). This was a little present from my Mum as I'd mentioned that I liked them - I do love an egg cup! These are great as they look pretty and don't take up lots of space.

October Favourites: My Top Three

November 06, 2013

It's been a while since I've shared some of my favourites on my blog! I'm loving having my camera back and being able to take photos for posts again. Here are the three (technically four but let's brush past that) products that I have been loving in October.

Soap & Glory Shower Gels/Body Wash - I think Soap & Glory are an absolutely fantastic brand and can't compliment them enough. The first I've been using is Clean On Me Shower Gel which is the typical S&G scent - it's creamy, smells amazing and the scent lasts a long time on your skin. This is Chris' favourite so it is bound to last only a week! It is the first time I've tried the Sugar Crush Body Wash and it's gone down a treat with me - not so much with Chris who think it smells like Tizer. This is packed with ingredients such as limes, lemons and coconut oil which makes it a really refreshing body wash. It also feels super moisturising.

L'Oreal Paris Advanced Perfection Serum - I posted about L'Oreal's new Skin Perfection range last week so this is no surprise. I absolutely adore this serum. It smells so good and absorbs amazingly quickly into my skin. I have been using this morning and evening without fail and feel it is leaving my skin plumper and looking much better. It also makes a great base for make-up.

Liz Earle Signature Foundation - the weather has gotten colder and so the Liz Earle Signature Foundation has come out. I don't use this in warmer months as it feels quite heavy but it is perfect for Autumn/Winter. This foundation applies easily and leaves such a flawless finish. Skin is left dewy and smooth, and although it's more of a medium coverage it never looks caked on.

Scents of Christmas with Neom Luxury Organics

November 04, 2013

Now that it's November I feel that it is a bit more acceptable to start talking and thinking about Christmas - I cannot wait to start getting in the Christmas spirit!

Neom Luxury Organics have three festive scents available that are available as gift sets, gift items and stocking fillers. I have been giving the Neom Scents Of Christmas Travel Candle Collection* a whirl and think it would make such a perfect present. It comes in a lovely gift box and you receive each of their Christmas scents which are:

Neom Christmas Wish (in gold glass) with the scent of mandarin, cinnamon & tonka bean to evoke the unmistakable freshly-baked Christmas cake smell.

Neom Harmonise (in silver glass) with the scent of pine, eucalyptus & cedarwood for that fresh, green scent of the Christmas tree.

Neom Comforting (in rose gold glass) with the scent of cedarwood, vetiver & star anise for a smoky and warming log fire feeling.

All three scents are lovely, as all Neom's offerings are! Christmas Wish and Harmonise are my favourite out of the three and if I had to choose one full-size to burn over the festive season it would be Christmas Wish as it is just delicious.

The Travel Candle Collection costs £42 and can be bought from You can also buy the candles in full size for £42 each and also individually in travel sizes for £16 each. 

What is your favourite candle to burn over Christmas?

Instagram - August to October

November 01, 2013

Last BBQ in our Surrey home - Chris and Jess// Enjoying reading a 'proper book' as usually have my Kindle for reading// Nothing better than tea and nutella on toast!// Trying out Rosie's Rock Salt Roast Chicken - delicious// 

Mr Kipling Mississippi mud pies// Jess' hat feature wall// L'Oreal Skin Perfection products// heading out for a night in London - miss Summer already!//

Bath & Body Works fragrance mist// colourful doors in Newark// Starbucks Salted Caramel Hot Choc - my new obsession// hanging out with Charlie George//

Too much fun in the river for the pooch// fun iPhone case from Ebay- love the Minions!// Jess and I// Sushi from Wasabi