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Lush Christmas Goodies

November 27, 2013
As soon as Christmas starts rearing it's very lovely festive head, I start craving a Lush visit. It may be because of the influx of blogposts and YouTube videos showing all of the lovely Christmas Lush products or the fact that I start having far more baths (not to say I don't wash regularly of course, but in the winter I will usually choose a bath over a shower).

I actually had a birthday voucher for Lush which I'd been holding onto until the Christmas products arrived. I just adore all of the Xmas stuff.

I bought all of the products photographed above, and also the So White Bath Bomb. I couldn't wait until I'd photographed them all to start breaking into my stash! It was the first time I'd tried So White and it's quickly become a favourite - it's smells really strongly of apples but the bath actually turns pink which was a pleasant surprise for me.

I tried the Bombardino Bath Bomb last night (first photo)- how cute is that little face?! This carries an Alpine-esque scent of cocoa butter and lemon oil. It leaves your skin feeling really moisturised and turns your bath very yellow! Really liked it but probably not one of my favourites.

Second image down is the infamous Melting Snowman Bath Melt. I think he's cute although I sent the picture to my friend and she thinks he looks a bit evil. Poor Snowman! This bath melt is packed with Christmassy ingredients such as cinnamon, clove and orange oils. It also has cocoa and shea butter so your skin feels super moisturising. I was actually quite surprised at the difference it made to my skin - usually I just enjoy a Lush product for the scent but this actually 'did something'.

I have also purchased the Cinders Bath Bomb (third photo) but am yet to try it. This is described as another very festive scent which includes almond oil, orange and cinnamon. It also has some popping candy which is rather exciting.

Finally there is the Golden Wonder Bath Bomb (fourth photo). A huge product which is probably one of the best presents ever. I bought a few of these last year and love how magical they are. They turn the water different colours, add some golden dust to your bath and there are even some twinkly stars in there. Pretty lovely really.

I bought these last week and only have Cinders and Golden Wonder left to use. I go through Lush products ridiculously quick! If I have them in the house I will just use them for every bath - whoops! I think I will be back at Lush very soon.

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  1. I've seen so many blog posts about Lush recently. I'm off shopping tomorrow so will definitely be picking up some goodies! I think I may do a giveaway too :)


Thank you for the comment! x