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November 09, 2013
We have been living in our flat for almost two months now and so I wanted to share a few of the little bits and bobs that we have bought and been kindly given. We haven't bought many 'big' things yet as are going to be re-decorating and there is quite a bit of work to be done - luckily my parents gave us lots of their furniture when they moved house so we are fine for the moment.


The IKEA Tea Light Lantern was a bargainous £2 and I think I will be buying a few more to dot around as they are so lovely. You can buy it in a few different colours but the white is my favourite. We bought a big pack of pink tea-lights to go in it and it currently lives on our fireplace. 

I love this Ice Cream Scoop. It was a house-warming gift from my Aunt and they bought it from a small shop in Covent Garden (I think!). I love the pattern and want to always have it out on display!

This milk bottle type vase is also an IKEA purchase and can be viewed here. This was £1 and we just bought a couple of artificial flowers to go into it until we buy a proper bunch a fresh flowers. I like how these aren't like a typical vase and are something a bit different. They are just cute. We have bought two and they are also sitting on our fireplace!

Finally, these are the Jamie Oliver Stacking Egg Cups (can't find a link for them in this colour but here is a similar version). This was a little present from my Mum as I'd mentioned that I liked them - I do love an egg cup! These are great as they look pretty and don't take up lots of space.
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  1. Me encanta esa linterna, en cuanto pueda voy a Ikea a por ella!

    Kyllie | Make Up Fragrances

  2. love the cute little vase!

    from helen at

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  3. I love the milk bottle vase!

  4. I love those little ikea lanterns <3

    Jennie xo |


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