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A Festive December Weekend

December 10, 2013
On Friday I took a half day off work and made my way to Lincoln for a lovely weekend with the family. I'm sure I've mentioned before but in September this year my parents made a big move from Surrey to the Lincolnshire fields. They bought a gorgeous converted barn and have a whole new life up there which they are very much enjoying. 

We spent the weekend decorating the Christmas trees. The larger one in the last photo is yet to be finished but we started decorating it with white and clear baubles, and the one in the living room had a red theme. I now need to get our London tree up!

I also took a couple of photos of the little festive touches that my Mum has added around the home. She is also a pro at a homemade wreath so will have to post some images of these when she makes some (are you reading Mum?).

We spent Saturday afternoon and evening at the Lincoln Christmas Market which is absolutely huge and definitely worth a visit - if you can make it up Steep Hill! I had some mulled wine, roasted chesnuts and even some candyfloss. We did see a couple eating an ice cream which was a bit strange as it was freezing - but whatever floats your boat! The Christmas Market was followed by a quick stop for some fish and chips which we devoured at home.

I made the most of hanging out with Charlie dog too - miss that guy so much when I'm in London so need to get the maximum number of hugs in (even though I enjoy them way more than he does- see picture evidence above!). We went on a walk in the fields around the barn, and then visited a nearby lake which he had a big swim in. He adores the water! We came back with a very mucky pup.

It was a lovely weekend with my family and I have come back feeling more Christmassy than ever - tomorrow is our work team Christmas lunch so the festivities can continue!
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  1. Awh your parents place looks lovely. Love their sofas! :)


Thank you for the comment! x