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A stroll around Greenwich

December 03, 2013
On Saturday it was Chris' 27th birthday but due to some bad planning we had a new boiler installed that day which meant we had to stay in and couldn't do anything fun. Happy Birthday Chris - have a new boiler! Yay.

We decided to eat out on Friday instead and so enjoyed a yummy dinner at Pizza East in Shoreditch. It's a really cool place to eat, the service was great and the pizzas were super tasty. I had one with Prosciutto cotto, tomato, mozzarella and artichoke, which I highly recommend.

On Sunday we were ready to leave the house after all of the boiler fun so decided to walk to Greenwich and visit the Royal Observatory. Greenwich is only a half hour walk from our house so it's really handy and I just love it. The weather was winter-y, but not too cold and all of the trees looked so beautiful with their Autumn leaves.

We strolled through Greenwich Market, made a stop at Greggs for a steak bake for Chris (you can take a boy out of Yorkshire...) and then walked up to the Royal Observatory. It's a bit of a climb but the view is so worth it. You can see so many London landmarks from St. Pauls to the Olympic Stadium.

We then made our descent, had a quick look at the Cutty Sark and began our walk home. The last photo is from the park that our street overlooks- through the trees is our little flat. I had to grab a photo while the sun was going down. Very lovely!

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  1. Beautiful pictures, the autumn light is so pretty. So glad you had a lovely time <3

    Jennie xo |

  2. This place looks so beautiful and how lucky for you it's so close to where you live :)
    Happy Birthday to him!


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