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Conscious Skincare Bath Soak

December 12, 2013

Conscious Skincare is a new brand that I've come across and am quite excited by. They are a British organic skin and body care brand that is made at the company's rural retreat in Wales. All of their products are free from chemicals, synthetics and preservatives and high performance ingredients are key in all of their products with a focus on quality over quantity. Every ingredient serves a specific purpose to benefit the skin and nothing extra is added for the sake of filling, colour, fragrance or bleaching.

All of their products are beautifully packaged and most also come with the option of gorgeous gift boxes and ribbons for no extra cost - a perfect idea for Christmas. I absolutely adore the packaging- it looks luxurious and classy and would make a beautiful present. The gift box may be 100% recyclable but I couldn't throw it away and so my Mum will be finding a use for it!

The Conscious Skincare Bath Soak* is claimed as being for the ultimate luxurious bathing experience. It contains an indulgent blend of organic ingredients and has an aromatherapy scent to turn your bath into an at home spa treatment. As expected this product is completely free from chemicals and synthetic preservatives.

The Conscious Skincare Bath Soak is available in two fragrances: Grapefruit, Lemon and Cedarwood to uplift the senses, clear the mind, soothe aching muscles and tone the skin; or Sweet Orange and Frangipani to evoke feelings of calm and peace and detoxify the skin.

I have tried the Sweet Orange and Frangipani offering and it makes for a really gorgeous bath experience. The scent is very sweet, but not sickly and is very much like tangerine oranges! It makes the water slightly cloudy but doesn't turn it orange.

The Bath Soak costs £15.99 and can be purchased from
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