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Neom Organics Bath & Shower Indulgence Set

December 20, 2013

Another day, another lovely offering from Neom. This time it's a great little set that would make a perfect stocking filler. The dinky little gift box comes with six mini bottles of bath and shower oils to truly treat yourself.

The collection contains three beautiful and best-selling fragrances with each one designed to give you a specific treatment. Complete Bliss (Moroccan blush rose) is mood enhancing, Real Luxury (lavender, jasmine and rosewood) is a sophisticated treat for some light pampering and Tranquility (English lavender, sweet basil & jasmine) creates a state of calm and induces sleep.

The essential oil content is very high so you only need a small amount- Neom recommend using one to two capsules per bath. I am completely in love with Neom's bath oils. Tranquility is my favourite fragrance and even just thinking about it is making me sleepy! They fill your whole bathroom with the most beautiful scent and are better than any bubble bath I've tried in terms of keeping the fragrance throughout the bath. I think I will be purchasing the full size soon!

I haven't tried these in the shower but according to Neom the best way to use them in this way is to apply a similar amount to the body before getting in.

The Mini Bath & Shower Indulgence Set costs £19 and can be purchased from
4 comments on "Neom Organics Bath & Shower Indulgence Set"
  1. Oooh these sound lovely!

  2. These really are so lovely! I picked up a couple as gifts for Christmas, they're perfect <3

    Jennie xo |

  3. I'm yet to try something by Neom, this set looks gorgeous!

    Jenn | Photo-Jenn-ic


  4. I love bath oils, my favourite beauty thing by far! I like the quote in the little box too, this would make such a lovely gift xxx


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