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Ville De Fleurs

December 14, 2013

Products from top left-clockwise: Handmade Sweet Orange Soya Candle; Peonia Pink Lip Tint/Blusher; Lavender Dead Sea & Epsom Bath Salts; Golden Pumpkin Face and Decolletage Elixir; Nutters Hand Cream; Flower Power Pink Himalayan Bath Salts

Today I wanted to share a brand that has been recommended to me by a lovely family friend who had tried the Pumpkin Elixir and had great things to say. Ville De Fleurs is a small (but quickly growing) business which is run by a lady called Tatiana. Tatiana's interest in flowers and skincare began after spending time in her Grandma's garden and being taught natural skin care recipes. She started creating her own skincare products and was so overwhelmed with compliments from friends and family that it developed into a larger business. 

All of the products from Ville De Fleurs are natural and organic - and look beautiful. There are a wide range of items available from candles, to bath salts and hand creams. They are all reasonably priced - the Nutters Hand Cream (one of their bestsellers) is £6.99 and the bath salts are £10. The candles are slightly more pricy at £20.99 but it's not unexpected for an organic candle - they also have 45 hours of burn time.

It's always nice to promote smaller companies and I'm going to try and do this more. If you need some extra presents for Christmas then the Ville De Fleurs website is a great place to visit.
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  1. These products look gorgeous! Away to bookmark the page x

  2. The products look lovely, especially like the sound of the candles <3

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