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February Favourites: My Top Three

February 28, 2013
 ♥ L'Oreal Elvive Extraordinary Oil - I am not having a great time with my hair at the moment. It seems to be quite dry and just isn't looking it's best. I have never suffered from dry ends before (not in a noticeable way anyway) and so this is a saviour at the moment. I have been using it after styling my hair to inject some more moisture and to make it less 'poofy'. Really enjoying this product!

Liz Earle Daily Repair - if I'm honest I find it hard to differentiate between eye creams- I can never really tell if they work and only judge them on how they feel on my skin and how they absorb. This mini version (included in my Liz Earle Christmas Advent Calendar) has become a favourite eye cream and it's hard to explain why. The texture is quite thick and you only need a tiny amount but it absorbs quickly and feels nice to apply. Bit of a wishy-washy way to explain a favourite but I just really like it!

♥ Lumi Magique Highlighter - it's a bit of a L'Oreal lovefest this month! I am loving this highlighter at the moment- it's very similar to the YSL Touche Eclat and dare I say it, even better. I use it under my eyes and it brightens them so much. It's easy to blend and is the perfect colour for my skin tone. 

Review: NARS 413 BLKR Multiple

February 17, 2013


NARS 413 BLKR Multiple - Burgundy*


£30 RRP

What does it claim to do?

"Fran├žois Nars' iconic innovation, the original multi-purpose stick for eyes, cheeks, lips and body. Its unique creamy formula and sheer color blends effortlessly to create shimmering accents; contours or dynamic highlights on all skin tones. Apply with fingers: the skin's warmth allows for perfect blending" - NARS

What do I think?

On the 10th February it was the second birthday of Francois Nars' store in New York which is located on 415 Bleecker Street. NARS have a collection of limited edition 413 BLKR (see what they did there!) products and this multiple in Burgundy is the latest launch.

As with all NARS products, the packaging is gorgeous and looks very classic. It is the first time I've tried a multiple which can be used on the eyes, cheeks, lips and body. The burgundy shade is definitely more suited to the cheeks and lips and I have been wearing it mostly on my cheeks.

I was a little apprehensive when I saw the colour in the stick but it's actually really wearable and can be applied lightly and then built up if necessary- in the photo above you can see that I am wearing only a small amount but it still gives a lovely natural flush to the cheeks. As NARS recommend, it is far better to apply the multiple with your fingers as if you apply it directly it can be too much. 

On my lips it creates a lovely rich berry shade however it felt very drying so I would recommend wearing it with a moisturising balm.

Would I re-purchase?

I would be keen to try more of the NARS multiples as know they are available in a wealth of shades, however I'm not sure I would re-purchase it in Burgundy as it's lovely but not a colour I choose to wear often.

Q and A a Day: 5 Year Journal

February 13, 2013

I have always enjoyed writing and used to (try and) keep diaries when I was younger. I would always start the year off well by writing every day but by the end of January this used to be far more sporadic. The Q & A a Day journal is the absolutely fantastic- I discovered it in one of Meg's Winter Gift Guide posts and ordered one for my sister, and for myself straightaway.

The journal is beautifully presented with gold lined pages and is a perfect size for tucking away, or keeping in your handbag if you so desire. I keep mine by the side of my bed and answer the question every evening- something I find myself looking forward to!

Every day you turn to today's date and answer the question. The questions vary from simple ones like 'What do you need to buy?' to more thoughtful ones such as 'can people change?'. It's such a great little concept and I'm looking forward to seeing how my answers change. It's also so easy to do every day which means I am far more likely to keep up with it!

I bought mine from Amazon and you can find it here for just over £7. Do you keep a journal?

Bioderma launches in the UK!

February 11, 2013

I was very excited when this email pinged into my inbox. I have been using Bioderma for over a year- mostly to remove my eye make-up and I absolutely love it. I have been buying my bottles from Guru Makeup Emporium and Ebay however it looks like it is going to be much easier to find when they launch in the UK! I am also looking forward to trying more products from the brand when they become more easily accessible.

There will be five ranges initially launching in the UK:
  • Atoderm for dry & atopic skin
  • Sensibio for Sensitive Skin
  • Sebium for Oily and acne prone skin
  • A full high protection photoderm suncare line
  • Hydrabio- a line specifically for dehydrated skin
Bioderma will be available from leading pharmacists nationwide (hoping this means Boots!) and dermatologists- there is no specific date set but it should be available from mid-April.

The Beauty Tips I've Picked Up...

February 09, 2013

I've been blogging for a few years now and along the way I have learnt a huge number of things about the world of beauty. I wanted to share a few of these, so without further ado here are a selection of ones that spring to mind...
  • Never use face wipes on a regular basis as they just don't remove make-up thoroughly. I use them after a night out or when I'm super tired but try to do a proper cleanse at all other times.
  • Filling in your brows makes such a difference to your make-up look.
  • Don't use a foundation with SPF if you are going to be photographed a lot. 
  • A good quality make-up brush (that you take care of) will last years.
  • Never over-exfoliate your skin- using a muslin cloth to remove your cleanser is a gentle way of doing this job.
  • A nail art precision brush is perfect for applying gel eyeliner, and so cheap too.
  • It's OK to use oil cleansers on your face, even if you suffer from oily skin. 
  • It is better to spend more on good skincare, than on expensive make-up products. The 'drugstores' do such a good job these days.
  • Keep your perfumes out of the sun to avoid it 'damaging' the scent.
  • Volumizing sprays and lotions really do work.
  • Mixing two different foundations is generally a winner.
  • Apply glue to false eyelashes and then leave to get tacky before applying. 
  • Never keep unloved make-up and do regular clear-outs- friends and family love a clear-out, and blog sales are a great way of getting some extra cash.
  • Muji win at make-up storage.
  • Magazine beauty pages are nothing compared to beauty blogs and finally...
  • Candles are a beauty bloggers best friend - not really beauty related but I've definitely appreciated candles a lot more since seeing the many blog posts featuring them!

Elemis 4 Piece Pro Collagen Discovery Collection

February 07, 2013

Back in 2010 I placed my first order for a discounted Elemis set and I loved all of the products so much- the scents were divine and they all worked a treat. The 4 Piece Pro Collagen Discovery Collection* comes in a navy zip-up bag and contains the following products- currently for £33.12:
  • 1 x Pro-Collagen Marine Cream (15ml)
  • 1 x Pro-Radiance Cream Cleanser (30ml)
  • 1 x Pro-Intense Lift Effect (10ml)
  • 1 x Pro-Collagen Oxygenating Night Cream (15ml)
This is a great set as all of the products are worth having- sometimes you get a set and only use a couple of the items but with this I have been using each product and enjoying them all. The Marine Cream is one of Elemis' most famous products and I absolutely adore it, if only for the scent which is divine. I can't even describe it, it's just lovely. The Cream Cleanser is quite similar to the Liz Earle in how it works (massage into dry skin and wash off with a damp cloth) but it doesn't have a strong scent like the LE- a good or bad thing depending on your tastes!

The Intense Lift Effect is a serum type product which you can apply morning or evening. I haven't used this as much as the other three products as I'm not in the habit of using a serum but it was pleasant to apply and absorbed quickly into the skin. The final product is the Oxygenating Night Cream which has the same amazing smell as the Marine Cream and is the best night cream I've tried- it's a pleasure to apply and in the morning my skin feels so soft and moisturised. Definitely a stand-out product.

Are you an Elemis fan?

Review: REN Glycolactic Radiance Renewal Mask

February 02, 2013

REN Glycolactic Radiance Renewal Mask*



What does it claim to do?

"A potent bio active peel mask designed to renew the complexion, reduce the appearance of fine lines and dramatically improve skin tone. 

Results: Removes dead skin cells to renew the complexion. Skin looks brighter, healthier, more radiant. Helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Combats congestion, blackheads and blemishes"- REN skincare

What do I think?

After feeling a little disappointed with the La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo (review here) I didn't know how my skin was going to react to the much loved REN Glycolactic mask. 

The mask has a great mix of ingredients which include extracts of passion fruit, grape, pineapple and lemon. This means that it has a really strong scent and is super fruity- I still can't work out if I like it or not but it's a nice change for a face mask. The best way to describe the texture is as an orange gloop (so scientific!)- you apply a generous layer, leave for 10 minutes and then dampen the cloth that it comes with and use that to remove the mask. I have heard that most people experience a tingling when they use the mask but strangely I didn't have that and my skin felt fine. 

In terms of results from this mask I have to join the 'best mask I've ever tried' crew as it really is amazing! I have tried lots of different masks but this is the only one that I've tried which noticeably brightens and clears my skin- I was quite fascinated by this! My skin just looked so much better and even seemed to have helped the red acne marks that I have. I am having to hold back from using this more than once a week (as is recommended).

I really am excited about this mask and am interested to see how it improves my skin over time and after using it regularly. This is definitely going to be a regular in my skincare regime!

Also important to note is that it's suitable for all skin types except for those prone to sensitivity.

Would I re-purchase?

Most definitely!