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A little life update

September 15, 2013
 source (sadly not my new place)

I just wanted to write a quick post to say hello; I have not left the blogging world completely and I will be back! I didn't realise how long it's been since my last post- how time flies when there's a lot going on.

The past few weeks have been pretty non-stop. We (Chris and I) had been living with my parents while we purchased a new flat and they ended up moving to Lincolnshire a week before we completed. This meant having to put all of our stuff into storage and living with a colleague for a week (you realise how lovely people are when you are 'homeless'- we had so many offers of places to stay). 

We then completed and had to go straight up to Derbyshire for a wedding over the weekend. So it was only yesterday that we got all of our stuff out of storage and were able to fill our new flat. We are properly in! It's starting to feel more like home now that we have sofas and not camp chairs, and we're starting to decorate already - a wallpaper stripper has become my favourite purchase. I have been to B&Q twice in the past week and feel that decorating and DIY is going to become my life. It's going to be a journey! With all of these life changes I imagine my blog may become a little more lifestyle than beauty so I hope you will stay with me.

It's great to finally be in our own place- house hunting in London is not the fun experience you imagine it will be so it's nice to not have to do that for a while! I'll have to write a post all about it soon but for now, please do check out Zoe's post on her Top 5 Househunting Annoyances as it is brilliant and very spot-on.

We get the internet in a couple of weeks and I'm hoping to have a newly fixed camera with me soon (it has broken, hence the extended blogging break) and so should be back to usual blogging service by the end of the month! I have missed my little corner of the internet.