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L'Oreal Paris Studio Line #TXT Products

January 06, 2014

Meet two new products from the L'Oreal Paris #TXT range - their Volume Supersizing Spray* and their Wave Creating Spray*. 

The StudioLine #TXT Volume Supersizing Spray aims to create textured hair with no stiffness. Formulated with texturising micro-powders the spray instantly creates big volume in just a few seconds. The style advice from L'Oreal is to divide dry hair into an upper and lower section and then to spray each section generously and scrunch hair. You can continue to spray until it's as big as you like! 

I tried this over Christmas and LOVE it. It gives such good volume to hair and makes it really texturised- it can be used when your hair is down, or if you want to create a messy up-do (especially straight after you've washed it when it can be hard to work with). The best bit is the price- it's only £3.79 from Boots which is such a bargain for such a brilliant product. It does make hair feel a bit tacky but that's the only negative. 

The StudioLine #TXT Wave Creating Spray has the same texturising micro-powders as the volume spray but this product is used to create waves on straight hair and is also formulated to protect against heat. I followed the advice from L'Oreal which was to spray product generously over damp hair and then to half blow dry. I then twisted hair into two topknot buns and blow dried for a bit longer before letting out the buns and blow drying my hair upside down while scrunching upwards.

It was a bit of a faff if I'm honest and I wasn't very impressed with the results. There may be a better way to use this spray but it just left my hair a little lank and like it needed another wash! If you have tried this and have had better results do let me know! This spray costs £3.79 from Boots.
4 comments on "L'Oreal Paris Studio Line #TXT Products"
  1. The volume spray sounds really good, might need to pick it up and the price is fab too!

    Claire xx|Claire does beauty

  2. I love the volume spray! But I agree- I really didn't like the wave creating spray at all; You should try the Salt Spray next its really quite good!

  3. @Claire doesbeauty- definitely try the volume spray! You won't be disappointed!

    @Ella- glad you found it rubbish too! Wondered if I used it wrong! Will defo try the salt spray x

  4. If you like volume the schwarzkopf volumising mousse is briliant. I put it on my hair after the shower then blow dry it and my hair looks naturally thick and volumised with no product feeling. Its brilliant and really cheap. I was going to put link on here but takes up too much space. Its a pink bottle the mousse. I love your blog by the way and will definately try the volumise spray it sounds a steal thanks. I would love you to follow my blog please xx


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