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Make Up Storage

February 06, 2014
I saw this piece of make up storage on Amelia's blog and instantly put it on my Christmas wishlist. For the past few months I've kept my everyday make-up in a Benefit make up bag and it just doesn't look as neat and tidy when plonked on my set of drawers. I also realised that I was using the same products rather than switching them up a bit.

This piece of storage comes as two pieces - the smaller piece on the top can be lifted off so handy if you just want to use that for everyday items. I prefer to keep it all together and find that it can house a perfect amount of products.

There are two small drawers and two larger, and then the piece on top has four sections- including one that holds 12 lipsticks/similar sized products (I've got a mini highbeam and porefessional in there).

It's made me try more of my make up rather than sticking to my favourites and also looks very lovely so I am very much enjoying this! Mine was a Christmas present and bought from Amazon here for £33.99 - I think the price has gone up though!
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