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L'Oreal Paris Fibrology Hair Range

March 04, 2014
The new Fibrology range* from L'Oreal really grabbed my attention when it launched. I first spotted it in Stylist magazine and then suddenly noticed it everywhere. It may have been the eye-pleasing packaging that caught my eye at first (I can't express how much I love the packaging- the colours work so well!) but it's claims and the reviews were intriguing.

The range runs on the tagline 'What if science could give you thicker hair than nature did?' and L'Oreal say that these products are a result of 17 years of research, 8 years of tests and 1 patented technology. 

The key ingredient and secret to its success is Filloxane - 'a revolutionary patented technology proven to penetrate the hair fibre and expand it'. L'Oreal claim that hair becomes thicker and thicker after every wash and gives visible body and bounce.

The three products in the range are best used together. You just use the shampoo as normal, and then you can either use the conditioner on it's own or for an extra boost you can mix it with the Thickness Booster. This is a tube of liquid and you just mix it with the conditioner and then apply as you would normally. 

I have been using this for a little while now and am genuinely quite impressed. After the first use I could tell that it had made a difference. As I dried it I could feel that my hair felt thicker and more texturised. My hair is quite thick already so the results were almost a bit much! For someone with fine hair I think this is definitely worth a try as it could work wonders.

It gave my hair more volume and bounce and definitely made a difference. Even Chris has been using it and even commented (without any prompting) that he thought it was really good - I have just asked him to elaborate and asked if it made his hair feel thicker. He just said yes. Not one for words that boy!

So yes, really like this and am very impressed. In terms of price the 250ml Shampoo is £2.99, the 250ml Conditioner is £2.99 and the 30ml Thickness Booster is £5.99 (all from Boots). Has anyone tried the hair mask? Am very tempted to give it a whirl!

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  1. i love this collection <3

  2. I really want to try this it sounds great :) x

    Catherines Loves


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