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Neom Luxury Organics Complete Bliss Candle

March 12, 2014
The rose is widely regarded as the world's most beautiful flower and it plays a big part of the Neom Organics Complete Bliss range. Each drop of rose essential oil is derived from up to 60 roses, and is blended with black pepper and lime for added warmth. 

Rose is a proven mood-regulator and great for easing the tensions and stresses of the day, which is why the Complete Bliss is such a popular range for Neom. For me personally it's not my favourite of their scents as it's quite strong and floral but lovely to try something different to my usual and as with all Neom scents and products the Neom Organic Home Candle* lasts a long time and fills the room with fragrance. 

Complete Bliss is one of Neom's key fragrances and you can buy it as a Candle (£39.50), Bath Oil (£32) or Body Oil (£30). They are all available from
1 comment on "Neom Luxury Organics Complete Bliss Candle"
  1. These candles look so beautiful, I can't believe I'm yet to sniff one! x


Thank you for the comment! x