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Florida 2014: Part 1

June 01, 2014
As I have mentioned before, I have just returned from a fun-filled 17 days in Florida. I have the best times when I'm out there and this year it was even more special as I live further away from my family and so spending almost three weeks with them was amazing. I thought I would break the holiday into a few posts and share some photos of what we got up to. I love seeing other people's holiday snaps and it's nice for me to remember what we did too!

It's not the usual post for my blog but I thought I'd try something new- let's hope you like lots of photos!

Day 1: Our first proper day

Our journey to Orlando was very smooth. We flew with Virgin and they were fantastic. We arrived at our villa in the early evening and so our first proper day started the following morning. We did a big Wal-Mart food (and beauty- ahem) shop and also went to Target and JC Penney.

 Chris loving our hired Mustang Convertible which he enjoyed driving all holiday!

The rest of the day was spent tucking into a large number of the Ben & Jerry's we had bought, eating more food and hanging out round the pool. As you can see the Mountain Dew Throwback was popular!

Day 2: Seaworld

We hadn't been to Seaworld for a while so were excited to return. Our first stop was Manta which we had really underestimated- it's a flying rollercoaster which you ride facing the floor (if you get me!) and we thought it'd be a smooth, gentle ride. Oh no - it was a speedy one with lots of loops! Lots of fun though. 

We did the three big rides first (Journey to Atlantis is one of my sister's faves) and then settled down for some shows, and to take in the park. 

Day 3: EPCOT

It was just Chris and I going to the four Disney theme parks and EPCOT was our first stop (it always is for some reason). There aren't many big rides at EPCOT, it's more of an educational park however it does have Test Track which is amazing. The park is divided into two areas- one has all of the attractions and the second is the World Showcase which takes you around the world (sort of!).

It was the EPCOT International Flower & Garden festival so there were some lovely displays.

The photo above is the UK section in the World Showcase. Chris was excited about the British pub and we had to go in just to smell it (haha).

With most days at the parks we arrived for opening (to beat the queues) and then left mid-afternoon for some pool and relaxing time. Ah to be back there now!

4 comments on "Florida 2014: Part 1"
  1. looks like it was a fun relaxing hol!

    great pics :)

    1. It was the best! Just want to go back! :)

  2. Oooh can't wait to read more of your Florida posts, we only got to go to a couple pf parks last year sadly, but I desperately want to visit Epcot again! x

    1. I love Epcot- it's usually one of the first parks we do so we are always there with the holiday ahead of us! Lots of great memories :) Hope you get to go soon!x


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