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Florida 2014: Part 2

June 05, 2014
Our Florida adventures continue in my next installment. I am still missing it lots- I don't know what it is about it that makes it such an addictive holiday! I would love to have a holiday home out there. Anyway, onto day 4...

Day 4: Aquatica

I don't have any photos of the waterparks as I don't like taking my camera there but this was our first time visiting Aquatica (which is a park owned by Seaworld) and we absolutely loved it. There were so many great waterslides including their new one- Ihu's Breakaway Falls. We were there for it's opening and there were a lot of celebrations going on for it. The new slides have a trapdoor so you don't know when you're going to fall - too scary for me! My favourite part of the park was their Roa Rapids which is a fast running 'river' that you can just float around in a life jacket.

Day 5: Shopping and pool fun

This was a relaxing day with lots of chilling as my parents were picking up my brother's girlfriend who was coming out to stay for a week. We went to Orlando Premium Outlets for some retail therapy and I may have bought a Kate Spade bag - love! After a lot of trying, my brother Olly, sister Jess and boyfriend Chris also achieved this in the pool...

Day 6: Hollywood Studios (or MGM as it will always be for me!)

Chris and I went to Hollywood Studios on the Sunday and although I had to ride Tower of Terror on my own (way out of my comfort zone but glad I did it!) it was a great day. This Disney Park is based on films and is themed so well. You can walk on the 'Streets of America' and get some great photos.

My favourite moment that day was when a Disney worker said to Chris; "Woah for a minute there I thought I'd found Waldo!". Genius.

I think my favourite area there is Pixar Studios, complete with the Toy Story ride and Pizza Planet. I definitely recommend getting a fast pass for the Toy Story ride as queues are ridiculous- it's the most popular ride in the park!

Day 6: Universal Studios

Universal is another park based on the movies and is going to be getting even more fun this summer as they are opening a new Harry Potter world which will link with the Islands of Adventure area- it looks amazing and I even spotted the Night Bus! The park has a great Simpsons land which has just fully opened so we enjoyed wandering around and having a Flamin' Moe in Moe's Tavern.

There were also plenty of photo opportunities and we even met Beetlejuice himself! My favourite ride there was their Hollywood Rip Rockit rollercoaster where you can choose a song as you ride it.

Day 7: Blizzard Beach

Again, no photos for Blizzard Beach as it's a water park. I love the water parks as they're a mix of fun and chill time so we had a brilliant day - there was equal amounts of sleeping and going on the slides!

Until next time...!

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