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Florida 2014: Part 4

June 19, 2014
This is the final post about our fantastic holiday in Florida. I hope you've liked reading them- I've very much enjoyed reminiscing on the fun times we had! So without further ado...

Day 14: Another rest day!

By this point in the holiday we were getting pretty tired and wanting to just relax around the pool. The boys went to a shooting range which they loved- and also said how it loud it was and how much I would have hated it! Was much happier with my day of reading and painting my nails. We also went for dinner at Manny's Chophouse which was brilliant and I'd highly recommend- it's proper American food in a great setting.

Day 15 part 1: Busch Gardens

We were hesitant about a day at Busch Gardens as it's a bit further away, however my brother persuaded us and we decided to head there for some serious rollercoaster action. Busch Gardens is in Tampa and is a huge theme park with lots of big roller-coasters and rides - it is also home to lots of animals as it originated as a zoo.

We had a great day at Busch and ended up staying for most of the day (which is unlike us as usually we're ready to go at 2). I went on all of the big coasters, including Sheikra which is pictured above and is amazing. The only disappointment was that their new ride, Falcon's Fury hadn't opened yet and my brother was desperate to try it- such a big kid!

Day 15 part 2: Magic Kingdom

 (Excuse the slight panda eyes- the water rides at Busch were not my friend!)

I don't know what came over us but Chris and I decided to head straight to Magic Kingdom after our long day at Busch. We were really excited to see the Electrical Parade and the fireworks and so quickly got some food and then found a spot on Main Street. We ended up talking to a lovely American family and sitting with them- I love how friendly Americans are. I just love the US!

After the parade we watched the Celebrate the Magic show which is amazing- pictures are projected onto the castle and you get to hear lots of the classic Disney songs. They even had a new Frozen section which everyone sang along to and it was so magical!

The Wishes fireworks followed and as always, they were so lovely and made me all emotional. It was the best end to a great day.

Day 16 & 17: The last day and going home

We didn't do much on the last day as all of our theme park passes had expired. We mooched around, enjoyed the sun and popped out to Wal-Mart for some last minute bits and bobs.

On our final final day we had to leave our villa at 11 and had a few hours to kill so went back to Orlando Premium Outlets where we bought a few bits from J Crew. We then headed to the airport where I had a double chocolate chip frappachinos from Starbucks with extra double cream - only in America!

And that's it- bye for now Florida, I'm sure we'll be back soon!

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