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Monthly Summary: June

June 29, 2014
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  • Had a lovely day with three blog friends who I've known for a long time now. You can check out Zoe's blog here and Nikki's blog here. Nikki makes beautiful wedding stationery so definitely check her out if you are getting married and need some invites!
  • Missed Florida a whole lot and talked about going back next year. We will see.
  • Celebrated a colleague's wedding at Ham Polo Club. We got a bit carried away with the photobooth- you can see one of the photos in my Instagram collage above.
  • Spent a long weekend in Lincoln visiting my family. The weather was beautiful so I spent a lot of time chilling in the garden with my Kindle and chatting with my Mum. We walked Charlie, made a delicious lemon drizzle cake, drank a lot of tea and bought too much in the shops- my Mum is such a bad influence!
  • Went down to Surrey to my friend Lizzie's house for a BBQ with friends and boyfriends. It was a beautifully sunny day so we enjoyed sitting outside, eating lots of meat and then playing Rapidough and The Last Word. Girls thrashed the boys, obvs.


  • Orange is the New Black - my sister got into this way before everyone else but I didn't start watching it until the hype sucked me in. I have just finished series 1 and watched it in a week- so so good! Crazy Eyes is my fave.
  • Modern Family - I adore this show. If you haven't seen it I really recommend watching a few episodes. It has won so many awards (for good reason) and is just hilarious. Cam, Phil and Gloria are my faves!
  • Zoe and Sammi have posted great videos talking about anxiety and how to deal with it. Anxiety is a big thing in my family as my Dad and brother suffer from it so I always find these kind of videos interesting.

 What have you been up to June? I hope it's been a great month! 

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