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Monthly Summary: July

July 31, 2014
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  • Popped up to Lincoln to visit my parents. We had a BBQ and did some strawberry and raspberry picking. 
  • Found a spot on Jenkin's Road in Sheffield where we watched the Tour de France. Chris is a big cyclists so he loved it - and I thought it was great too. Fab atmosphere and so much support for the riders!
  • My lovely friend Flora came to stay. We had drinks in Hoxley & Porter (highly recommend) in Angel and a bite to eat. The sun was shining the next day so we visited the local market and chilled in the park.
  • Spent even more time back up in Lincoln- I love being able to escape to the country! We went strawberry picking, had a lovely BBQ and spent lots of time outside in the gorgeous sun.
  • Went to Cambridge for the weekend to celebrate my friend's birthday. We went shopping, chilled in the park and had dinner and cocktails in Las Iguanas. Nom.
  • I love this Beauty Chat video from Vivianna does Makeup and Lily Pebbles - they are both in such a funny mood which made me feel really happy watching it.
  • Orange is the New Black - I mentioned this last month and have to mention it again as I've just finished series 2. What will I watch now?! Series 2 is just as good as the first and the finale was a great episode.
  • Since buying our flat I've become obsessed with homeware so this video from DollyBowBow made me very happy- loving all of the pastels! 
Daisy x
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  1. It looks & sounds like a wonderful month! xx


Thank you for the comment! x