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Tangle Teezer - My Latest Love

July 17, 2014
If I could recommend one thing for you to buy this year, it would be this little beauty. The Tangle Teezer. 

It has been around, and hyped about for a while but I decided to pick one up recently (The Original) and was amazed. This is just magic! It's quite tricky to explain how it works (I don't really know) but this brush detangles quickly and easily- unlike with a normal brush where you have to brush it slowly and carefully to get out all of the knots. 

I find it best to use after my hair is wet after washing it. I get quite a few tangles and this brush just glides through my hair with no pulling or yanking- it's just amazing. I actually look forward to using it which is a little bit sad but hey ho, the Tangle Teezer is my new love!

You can buy the Tangle Teezer for £10.99 from Boots and it is worth every penny - promise.

2 comments on "Tangle Teezer - My Latest Love"
  1. Sounds like a great product! I should check it out.

    xo T.

  2. The price tag has always put me off, but I'm really tempted to get one soon!

    Jennie xo |


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