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The Body Shop Skin Diagnostic Tool

July 13, 2014

Today I wanted to share with you a nifty little feature that The Body Shop have on their site- it's their Skin Diagnostic Tool and is just a bit fun - and useful. I am a bit of a geek and used to do every quiz in the magazines I bought when I was younger (where have they gone? they used to have them in most issues!) so this was totally my cup of tea.

All you do is answer lots of different questions about your skin and how you'd like it to look. The Body Shop then give you a recommended range and nine products that should work for you, divided into three areas of cleanse, moisturise and targeted care. You can see my results page below which was mostly products from the Vitamin C range.

I have been trying one products from each area- most noticeable about this range is the orange scent which is quite strong. I like orange so was fine with it but if you don't then you might not get on with the products. The Vitamin C Energizing Face Spritz was part of 'Cleanse' and is a spritz to instantly hydrate and refresh skin. I love these kind of products for summer as after a long, hot day they are so nice to use! I also like to use this after applying my make-up as it helps it all to 'settle'.

The Vitamin C Daily Moisturiser was in the 'Moisturise' section (shocker, ey!) and has SPF 30 which was a big plus for me. It's a good quality, thick moisturiser and a little goes a long way. I really like the 50ml size as it's really great for travelling with. 

The final product was from 'Targeted Care' and is the Vitamin C Microdermabrasion. This is an exfoliating product that should only be used twice a week. It contains micro particles and crushed garnet stones which help to remove dead skin cells and help keep skin radiant. You only need a tiny amount and just massage it into clean skin before rinsing away. It's a really gentle exfoliator and doesn't leave skin feeling harsh or stripped. 

I love The Body Shop and I love how their website has so many user reviews- I find these really helpful. Would also recommend giving the Skin Diagnostic Tool a try to see which of their products could work for you.

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