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Top 5 iPhone and iPad Apps

July 10, 2014

Today I thought I'd share the iPhone and iPad apps that I have been loving at the moment. Please let me know your favourite apps as I am always looking for more to download!

1. Citymapper (free) - this app is amazing. It's currently only available in a number of cities across the world but includes London. In short it tells you the quickest way to get from A to B and includes train, tube and bus travel - you can choose from lots of different options including tube travel only, and there is even a rain safe option. It tells you exactly how many minutes it will take including walking time. I think I use it most days- it's just so good. If you live in London - download it now!

2. Stylist Magazine (free) - I pick up Stylist magazine every Tuesday from the station. It's a free magazine and it such a good read. They've recently launched an app so you can download the magazine to read digitally each week- again it's free and is great if you don't manage to pick up the hard copy, or if you don't go past a station each Tuesday.

3. My Weekly Budget (69p) -  this is a bit of a geeky one but I do like to budget each month and find this is a really great, simple app to help with it. I have tried a few of these kind of apps and this wins for me. You simply set your budget for the week and track what you are spending. It's really useful for seeing where your money is going and helps you be more aware of where those pound coins are going!

4. Bloglovin' (free) - I was so happy when Bloglovin' announced the iPad app. I love sitting on the sofa and going through all of the new posts. I follow all of my blogs through Bloglovin' and find it such an easy interface - you can follow Cupcakes and Cherries here.

5. IncrediBooth (free) - this is a really fun app which was created by Hipstamatic (another great app- they have some lovely filters) and is described as a photo booth in your pocket! You choose a filter and then your camera takes four photos and makes it look like a photo booth strip.

What apps do you recommend?
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