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Hello Autumn

October 05, 2014

On Thursday I woke up to this sight from my living room - a beautiful and perfect Autumn's day. I love how our living room window overlooks this park in London - it's really special seeing the trees change as we move through the seasons. 

The temperatures this week haven't been very Autumnal (and I'm not complaining!) but it just felt like the season had properly arrived. My walk to the train station has been spent crunching golden coloured leaves and enjoying the scents that are hard to describe but just characterise this time of year.

To celebrate this change of season here are some of my favourite things about Autumn:

Getting cosy in warmer jackets and coats. 
♥ Layering up with chunky knits, scarfs and bringing out those woolly hats.
♥ Going on walks in the crisp Autumn sunshine - crunching leaves is oh so satisfying.
♥ All of the weekend TV - X Factor, Strictly, Downton Abbey...
♥ Spending the day curled up on the sofa while it pours it down with rain outside.
♥ Hot chocolate with whipped cream and marshmallows...
♥ ...And crumpets with lots of butter.
♥ The beautiful colours that surround you- search 'Autumn' on Google Images and feast your eyes on them.
♥ Supermarkets being filled with Halloween goodies, pumpkins and toffee apples.
♥ Knowing that Christmas is just around the corner.

What do you like most about Autumn?
5 comments on "Hello Autumn"
  1. I'm sitting in my room drinking a hot chocolate and watching X Factor as I'm reading your blog...I love Autumn and your blog!

    1. Aw, thank you lovely! This comment has made me happy! x

  2. i@m rather excited about the change of season, to be honest!

  3. I love autumn! Is my favourite season!

    Cat from OutsideBeautyInsideHealth

  4. Autumn is the best and your list is perfect! <3 xx


Thank you for the comment! x