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My Skin Saviour - E45 Cream

October 19, 2014

A few weeks ago I had a bit of a stressful Sunday (let's just say there was a DIY disaster) and so decided to have a hot bath to relax. As soon as I got in the bath I realised that my face was burning up and felt like it was stinging. My t-zone had gone extremely red and nothing could calm it down - even splashing water on it agitated it. I tried putting moisturiser on it but had to remove it straightaway as it was so painful.

After reading up on it, it looks like I might suffer from rosacea (I don't know for sure but the symptoms and causes seem very likely). Rosacea is a very common skin condition which mainly affects the face. The main symptoms are a burning and stinging sensation, permanent redness, spots and small blood vessels in the skin becoming visible. 

As I was reading up on it, it suddenly clicked that I'd had this horrible burning sensation a couple of times before and it was probably why I suffer from red skin around my t-zone - made worse when I drink alcohol and eat spicy food.

There are no real treatments for rosacea and so I just left my skin bare for a day or so. The first time I applied make-up (after moisturing) I noticed that my skin was horribly dry on the affected areas and it was not working with my foundation at all! This is where my skin saviour - E45 cream came into it's own. 

I bought a tube from Boots for less than £3 and applied it straightaway - and almost immediately I could tell a big difference. My skin looked smoother and calmer around. I used it all week to get my skin back on track and it worked an absolute treat. Sometimes the most simple products are all you need!

You can buy E45 cream from Boots here. Does anyone else suffer from rosacea? Would love to hear your experiences of it.

3 comments on "My Skin Saviour - E45 Cream"
  1. Oh no, hope the DIY disaster is at bay! That sucks about your poor skin, I came back from Morocco with a weird rash on my neck and E45 did wonders. Should always have a tube of this in the house! x

    1. DIY disaster was sorted quickly which was good- we were drilling through a wall and hit an electrical wire! Luckily our builder lives near so was sorted within the hour but I was quite stressed! Haha xx

  2. In Liz Earles book she has a chapter on rosacea, if you want me to scan it in for you to read - let me know x


Thank you for the comment! x