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12 Instagram Images To Represent Me

November 13, 2014
I thought I'd do more of a 'get to know' me post today and came up with an idea of finding images from my Instagram that represent parts of my life- I found the 'categories' on one of my private blog posts from ages ago. It's probably a bit random but I love knowing more about people so thought it might be quite nice.

Here are 12 images that kind of sum me up...feel free to do this too!

1. My name
2. Where I live
3. My love

4. Favourite colour
5. Favourite food
6. Favourite animal

7. Favourite drink
8. Favourite vacation
9. One of my hobbies
This is blogging, not looking at dogs - although looking at dogs is also a v.valid hobby!

10. My biggest vice
11. What you love most about life
This is representing just how beautiful life is - I don't love fields the most in life- haha!
12. One picture to describe you
I chose this one as I am pretty happy and optimistic- like a double rainbow!

All images have been taken from my Instagram - @cherrydelights
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  1. I Love this idea! Thinking maybe you should start a Tag for it. Perfect way for us to get a snippet into each other's lives. :)


Thank you for the comment! x