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Let's talk about...Florida

November 16, 2014
I feel like this blog needs a bit of a change and so I'm going to try and start writing a few more wordy posts. I've always loved writing. When I was seven I started filling notebooks with stories and I carried on with them way into my teen years - they never really got anywhere but I loved coming up with ideas and characters. 

L-R clockwise: On Expedition Everest in 2008; our wonderful villa; Hollywood Studios in 2008; Animal Kingdom in 2008.

Today I thought I'd write about one of my favourite topics in the world - Florida. Specifically, Orlando in Florida and why I love it so much. My first trip to this wonderful part of the world was in the April of 1999 when I was a scrawny little 12 year old overcoming chicken pox (we almost had to cancel the holiday, it was horrid) and I had never been so excited about a holiday. The two weeks we spent there were crammed in with the theme parks, shopping, restaurants, early buffet breakfasts and late nights. My parents thought it was going to be our once in a lifetime holiday so wanted to do it all. Little did they know that we would be going back again and again! I still look back at that holiday and can't believe that we would get up at 6am and be at a park till 11pm - I couldn't do that now and I have no idea how my parents did it!

After the first visit we came home, and ended up booking to go back the following year with my cousins. We then went again during my first year of Uni, after I finished Uni and then in 2013 and 2014. 2013 was the first year that my boyfriend Chris joined us and I didn't know what he was going to think - he's never been overly into rides and theme parks and didn't understand why we talked about Orlando all the time. I thought he would enjoy it but didn't know if he'd love it like we did. Oh I was so wrong. I have never seen someone so excited about a holiday! He loved every second and now wants to go back as much as possible.

L-R clockwise: In the villa in 2013; Jess and Chris at Seaworld this year; Pixar Land in Hollywood Studios this year; waiting for our Cheesecake Factory reservation in Mall at Millenia

We have always stayed in offsite villas as think a Disney hotel would be a bit much for us, and we like having our own space to chill out properly. Since 2000 we have always stayed in the same villa so it really is a home away from home, and having our own pool is perfection. We have been to all of the parks but the current favourites seem to be the Universal offerings, and we loved Busch Gardens this year too. A big surprise for us this year was Aquatica - we thought it was an amazing waterpark with so many slides to try. Disney is of course where the real magic happens and although I feel I've done that side of it now, there's always room for a Disney park visit!

After coming back this year, we reluctantly decided to have a break from Orlando and so think that we will planning our next visit for 2016. I am already excited just thinking about it - half of the brilliance of the holiday is the planning and talking about what we'll be doing. 

L-R clockwise: the best kind of balloon in Magic Kingdom 2013; Magic Kingdom fireworks this year; Olly, Mum and Jess trying on the mouse-wear in 2013; Animal Kingdom in 2008

I don't know what it is about the place that makes it just so addictive! It has this impossible lure which makes you just want to go back as soon as you've come home. Usually I am ready to come home from a holiday but with Florida I never get that feeling. I know that lots of other people feel the same about it which makes me want to know exactly what it is that makes it such an incredible holiday! Is it the parks, the weather, the customer service, the atmosphere, the shopping, the indulgent food? I guess it's everything just rolled into one amazing holiday. 

I would love to hear if you are a Florida fanatic like me - and what your favourite thing about Florida is?

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6 comments on "Let's talk about...Florida"
  1. The people who turn their nose up at Florida have no idea! The best time to go is when you are an adult x

    1. I think you appreciate it all so much more when you're older. I wish I could go every year! x

  2. Ahh, anyone who discusses Florida in a blog post is my fave person, haha. I absolutely love the place too - my dad always took us when we were kids and it never really left my heart. I had a huge 15yr gap where I didn't go, but when again for the first time last year as a 28 yr old and fell in love, all over again. My boyfriend experienced it for the first time too last yr and he's not a massive one for holidays abroad, however he said its the best holiday he's ever had. There's just something about it that I love (apart from the obvious!) that I can never put my finger on what. Even outside of the parks, I just love how everything and everyone seems so laid back.. no one seems to judge you over there and everyone is just so friendly. We're currently in the process of planning to go back next summer.. if you have any theme park restaurant recommendations then throw them my way - there's just too much to choose from for 2 weeks! x

    1. Haha, I know- I love reading Florida posts and vlogs! You should check out LucyandLydia's YouTube channel as they have some great Florida vids.

      I know what you mean- it's so hard to pinpoint what makes it just SO good. To be honest we never go to many of the theme park restaurants- we go to the quick service food places for lunch but would generally eat in the villa in evenings! TheDibb forum has tonnes of restaurant recommendations though so is def worth checking out! xxx

  3. I miss it because I have such lovely family members over there! People are friendlier in general, and the standard of living is so much better. And sunshine, good food, amazing shops..can I go back please?

    1. If you go back, take me with you! Haha. It really is the best place on earth <3


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