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October Favourites: My Top Three

November 09, 2014

I am very sorry for my complete lack of blogging at the moment. Most of my energy is going into my day job at the moment but I am hoping to get a few posts written this weekend as have a lovely quiet one planned. This weather is definitely encouraging PJ days!

A little belated but here are my three favourite products from October...

 Schwarzkopf Gliss Ultimate Colour Shampoo - I feel that Schwarzkopf are a hair brand that aren't talked about much however I really like them. I first used one of their shampoos at Uni when one of my flatmates had it and so I had a sneaky try (and loved the results). I often pick these up from pound stores as they are always in there and this was the first time I'd try their Ultimate Colour shampoo. This is ace. It has made my hair look way more vibrant, healthy and volumised. Even Chris asked if I'd done something new to it. 

♥  Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation - I have been wearing this every day and really love it. This is such an easy foundation to wear- a perfect one for work days. It blends in so easily and just gives a really flawless coverage with a very fresh finish. I have it in the shade 100 - Ivory and it's a great match.

Seventeen Stay Pout Lipstick in Just a Fling - this was a purchase enabled by Lily Melrose and her blog post featuring two Kylie Jenner inspired lipsticks. Everyone is wanting that Kylie Jenner look at the moment and I've been sucked into the hype. This is such a beautiful lipstick - it's a brown-nude colour and it is so easy to apply and moisturising (I am not one for a fiddly lipstick). It's also a bargain at under £5.

What are your favourite products at the moment?
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