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My Little Box by Diane Von Furstenberg

October 21, 2014

So My Little Box have pulled it out of the bag again with their October offering. I am always excited to receive a beauty box but when I received a delivery note to say that this had arrived and was waiting at the post office I was annoyed that I'd have to wait a few days to collect it!

This month's box is a special Diane Von Furstenberg edition and is themed DVF throughout - if you are a fan, then this is a must-have especially as you receive a 20% off code for her boutiques and online. So what is inside?

The box includes a print featuring an illustration of DVF and a lovely quote 'Be the woman you want to be!', there is the My Little World magazine which has an interview with Diane and a really cute lips pin which is very sweetly called 'A kiss from Diane'.

The fashion product this month is a scarf/headband which has a recognisable DVF print. I love the colours and think I will be attaching it to my bag as demonstrated on the envelope.

The three beauty products include a micellar water from My Little Beauty (so pleased about this as I'm coming to the end of my Garnier bottle), the Laque Noire hairspray from the Kerastase Couture Styling range and a really cute little shea butter hand cream from L'Occitane. Am particularly happy about the hand cream as it's such a great handbag size!

So overall, another amazing box from My Little Box. To subscribe just go to the My Little Box website - subscriptions are £11 plus £3.95 P&P.

My Skin Saviour - E45 Cream

October 19, 2014

A few weeks ago I had a bit of a stressful Sunday (let's just say there was a DIY disaster) and so decided to have a hot bath to relax. As soon as I got in the bath I realised that my face was burning up and felt like it was stinging. My t-zone had gone extremely red and nothing could calm it down - even splashing water on it agitated it. I tried putting moisturiser on it but had to remove it straightaway as it was so painful.

After reading up on it, it looks like I might suffer from rosacea (I don't know for sure but the symptoms and causes seem very likely). Rosacea is a very common skin condition which mainly affects the face. The main symptoms are a burning and stinging sensation, permanent redness, spots and small blood vessels in the skin becoming visible. 

As I was reading up on it, it suddenly clicked that I'd had this horrible burning sensation a couple of times before and it was probably why I suffer from red skin around my t-zone - made worse when I drink alcohol and eat spicy food.

There are no real treatments for rosacea and so I just left my skin bare for a day or so. The first time I applied make-up (after moisturing) I noticed that my skin was horribly dry on the affected areas and it was not working with my foundation at all! This is where my skin saviour - E45 cream came into it's own. 

I bought a tube from Boots for less than £3 and applied it straightaway - and almost immediately I could tell a big difference. My skin looked smoother and calmer around. I used it all week to get my skin back on track and it worked an absolute treat. Sometimes the most simple products are all you need!

You can buy E45 cream from Boots here. Does anyone else suffer from rosacea? Would love to hear your experiences of it.

Hello Autumn

October 05, 2014

On Thursday I woke up to this sight from my living room - a beautiful and perfect Autumn's day. I love how our living room window overlooks this park in London - it's really special seeing the trees change as we move through the seasons. 

The temperatures this week haven't been very Autumnal (and I'm not complaining!) but it just felt like the season had properly arrived. My walk to the train station has been spent crunching golden coloured leaves and enjoying the scents that are hard to describe but just characterise this time of year.

To celebrate this change of season here are some of my favourite things about Autumn:

Getting cosy in warmer jackets and coats. 
♥ Layering up with chunky knits, scarfs and bringing out those woolly hats.
♥ Going on walks in the crisp Autumn sunshine - crunching leaves is oh so satisfying.
♥ All of the weekend TV - X Factor, Strictly, Downton Abbey...
♥ Spending the day curled up on the sofa while it pours it down with rain outside.
♥ Hot chocolate with whipped cream and marshmallows...
♥ ...And crumpets with lots of butter.
♥ The beautiful colours that surround you- search 'Autumn' on Google Images and feast your eyes on them.
♥ Supermarkets being filled with Halloween goodies, pumpkins and toffee apples.
♥ Knowing that Christmas is just around the corner.

What do you like most about Autumn?

Monthly Summary: September

October 02, 2014


  • Trying on Bridesmaid dresses for my friend's wedding next year. We found a gorgeous coral one from Coast that suited us all and was in the sale - amazing! I can't wait to wear it next May.
  • Enjoying a couple of cocktails and a catch up with my lovely girls.
  • Spent a long weekend in Center Parcs with the family. You can see some pics in my post here
  • Spending lots of time in our beautiful new kitchen.
  • Making a trip to IKEA to buy lots of lovely things for the flat. Always feel like doing more house-y stuff as the weather gets cooler.


  • The many YouTube vids vlogging about the launch of Zoella Beauty. It looked like an incredible launch party and it's amazing to see how many opportunities Zoe is getting through her blog and YT. Very much deserved!
  • I really look forward to watching Hannah Maggs' weekly vlog. Every Sunday she puts up a video documenting her week which follows her, her husband Stef and gorgeous baby Grayson. The editing is incredible and they always make me appreciate how beautiful life is.
  • X Factor, Strictly, Downton's all back on TV! 

Daisy x