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Life: Christmas 2014

January 04, 2015

I wanted to get this post up before all things new and 2015 began, however life got in the way (well, a New Year trip to the Isle of Wight and yesterday somehow became a Broadchurch marathon) and so there we are!

Christmas feels like an age ago now. I've been lucky enough to have the whole two weeks off work and so started the festivities in Leeds seeing my friends from University - it's amazing how we don't see each other in months but when we do it's like nothing has changed. I then went straight from Leeds to Lincoln to my parents house and the Christmas fun began. 

It was our second Christmas in their new house and it was just as wonderful as the first. We indulged with hot chocolates and croissants for breakfast followed by lots of present opening and of course, the main event of Christmas dinner. The rest of the day was spent by the fire, napping in front of the TV and playing a game of Rapidough - this was the game of Christmas!

The following days after Christmas were spent at my house seeing family, winter walks, games and also nipping over to Chris' parents to see them (it's so handy having our parents living closer now). We even enjoyed quite a bit of snow, although the drive home from Sheffield in a blizzard was not so fun - listening to the Frozen soundtrack helped with the drama though! 

It's been a great Christmas, and as always I'm feeling pretty glum that the fun is over for another year. But hey, it's 2015. What will the New Year bring?

3 comments on "Life: Christmas 2014"
  1. aww I love all the photos! I'm glad you had such a lovely christmas, it looks so nice! I really really wanted to catch up on Broadchurch before it comes back on tomorrow, what did you watch it on as it's no longer on ITVPlayer?
    Thanks xox

    1. Hope you guys had a lovely Christmas too! I downloaded it from boxsets on Sky! Xxx

  2. This looks like the perfect Christmas. I'm actually quite jealous that you had snow!

    The Crown Wings


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