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Life: How to survive the first day back at work

January 05, 2015

Today has been the first day back after Christmas for most people and wow, it's been painful. I have had the Christmas blues big time and have been wishing I could rewind to two weeks ago when the festivities were about to begin. Here are five quick tips for the first day back after a break from the office - do let me know yours too!

1) Ease yourself back in gently. Keep your head down, drink lots of tea and occupy yourself with mindless tasks (I find email filing a good one).

2) Plan a holiday, a city break, a trip to see friends - anything that you can devote all of your energy to looking forward to!

3) Don't choose today to get healthy. Pig out on all of the chocolate and all of the sweets. Anything to get through the day.

4) Have a chilled, relaxing evening planned - a nutella hot chocolate, a new magazine and a Netflix marathon is the way to go.

5) Be happy in the knowledge that once today is over, it's only four days till the weekend!

3 comments on "Life: How to survive the first day back at work"
  1. My first day back yesterday thankfully wasn't "too" bad... but I did spend all evening in my PJs watching Season 1 of Broadchurch.. woops

    1. Glad you had a good day!and I was guilty of that too- love Broadchurch!! X

  2. Love these tips, especially the relaxing evening - knowing I can chill later makes me tick off my to do list during the day!

    Kat x


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