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Life: A few Tiger buys

February 08, 2015

My Mum came to stay this weekend. We have had a lovely time together and saw Les Miserables at the theatre for the first time - enjoying it so much that we watched the film the next day. I have now become quite obsessed with it, and listening to all of the covers I can find on YouTube - this medley is amazing. But I digress. Yesterday we paid a visit to Richmond to visit my brother and his girlfriend and I was very happy to see there was a Tiger. 

A quick 10 minute walk around the shop and I came out with four items. I love Tiger - it has so many cute bits and bobs, and all priced so reasonably! I couldn't resist this gold effect photo frame which was a bargain at £2 and is now on our fireplace (featuring a photo of Chris and I in Florida- happy times!). I also bought a pack of red polka-dot straws as I like to drink my smoothies through a straw and y'know - they just look cute. These were £2 too.

I then found this brilliant set of alphabet stamps for £4. I've started a scrapbook for the year and so have been picking up fun scrapbooking tools when I see them - this is going to be perfect for making page headings. The final purchase was this gorgeous little milk carton style jug for £3 (I think!). 

Are you a Tiger fan?

Daisy x

2 comments on "Life: A few Tiger buys"
  1. Aww the little milk carton jug is the cutest!! xx

  2. IU've never shopped at Tiger as I don't think there is one near me, but I bought a very similar set of stamps last year from The Works and I use them all the time - particularly cute for addressing cards and letters to my penpals.


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