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Life: Q&A a day - 5 year journal

February 22, 2015

I was sure I'd posted about this journal when I bought it three years ago but can't seem to find a post! I think I'm getting old! This is such a genius idea for a diary - there is a question to answer every day and you do this for five years so you can see how your answers change, and reflect the changes in your life. 

I used to religiously write a daily diary but as I got older I found that I had less time to dedicate to doing it, and after a long day at work I'd get into bed and want to go straight to sleep rather than writing all about my day. This is perfect as it takes two seconds and I have it as part of my nighttime routine so I rarely forget to do it. 

As you can see, my writing is not neat, and I also forget which year we are in quite regularly!

You can buy this journal for around £10 on Amazon.
1 comment on "Life: Q&A a day - 5 year journal"
  1. I really want to get one of these very soon, it must be so nice looking back over your answers! xx


Thank you for the comment! x