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Life: 10 Things I Miss about University

March 15, 2015

The three VKs weren't all mine - promise! And check out Chris looking super serious.

1) Waking up for a 9am lecture, going to said lecture and coming straight back home for a nap.

2) Mixing blue WKD with a reef to make a 'delicious' cocktail.

3) Living with all of your best girl friends - getting ready to go out was the most fun. Music on loud, all trying on each others clothes and chatting constantly.

4) Pasta for lunch, pasta for dinner and pasta for second dinner.

5) £10 all you can drink nights/80p a drink nights/90p a drink nights. Not responsible, not clever but had to be done.

6) Taking 400 photos on a night out and going through them all the next day deciding which should go on Facebook.

7) A taxi trip back from Morrisons after basically buying stir fry, jacket potatoes and pasta sauce.

8) Pre-drinks! All going to someone's house or flat to play many a drinking game. Fuzzy duck, anyone?

9) Sitting round the kitchen table, just chatting about anything and everything for hours.

10) Trips into town to go to Primark, and Primark only.

Daisy x

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  1. I loved this post! So much to relate to haha

    1. So jealous of you still being at Uni :) Enjoy every moment xx

  2. Great post - I am in first year now and will be living with a group of girls next year - exciting! x

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