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Life: A few tips for instant happiness

March 19, 2015

1) Put your favourite music on super loud and sing your heart out. I love putting Les Mis soundtrack on and singing at the top of my lungs (and they aren't even happy songs!). Throw your arms around, pretend you're on stage, just really go for it.

2) Along the same lines...keep that music on and have a good old dance around the room. It's amazing how much happier you will feel.

3) Look through old photos. If I'm ever feeling a bit 'meh' I will go through all of my facebook photos and it never fails to cheer me up and want to make loads of plans with people.

4) Fill a bath full of hot water, drop in a Lush bath bomb, apply a face mask and have a good old fashioned relax in the tub.

5) Go for a walk, or run. Always helps if the sun is shining but even if not, fresh air does a world of good.

6) Stay in bed all morning. Wake up whenever you like, make a cup of tea and drink it in bed with a book or a pile of magazines.

7) Speak to people. See friends and family. Skype or Facetime a close friend or family member. I live a couple of hours away from my family and so speak to them when I walk home from work - it's something I always look forward to. 

8) Get organising and sorting. This may be something that only works for me (bit of a Monica when it comes to organisation) but I love getting down and dirty with sorting out a room, or my wardrobe, or my get the gist.

9) Buy some flowers. They never fail to brighten a room.

10) Plan something to look forward to. A holiday, a city break, one night in a hotel (even if it's in the same town as you live in!), a day out, even a shopping trip. 

Please share what you do to make yourself happy - you can never have enough tips!

Daisy x

5 comments on "Life: A few tips for instant happiness"
  1. Great post!! Great tips I do some of the things that you mentioned above to make myself happy :)

  2. All of these things! This post has made me want to do them all right now! Haha.

  3. Being a mum of 2 little monsters I cannot afford staying in bed all morning, at least not for the next few years;) but my relaxing time starts with an unhealthy cup of coffee, or a good laugh when playing with a green balloon in the living room (don't know why but color seems to be important here), walking in the park, and getting dirty when missing a path, or two. Finally having few minutes for me only, with a clay mask on my face, water with lemon before breakfast (that's something healthy for a change), and a smile when I see my kids asleep...

    1. Thanks for sharing what you do :) love hearing other people's tips. It's interesting how they are all just small things that really do bring a smile xx


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