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Beauty: Make-Up Memory Lane

April 05, 2015

I love a beauty reminiscing session and when I read Laura's post with a tag asking questions all about her make-up memories I just had to join in with the nostalgia fun. So here goes...

First makeup item ever purchased
I think it was a clear lip gloss from Rimmel - I used to pile it on so my lips were ridiculously glossy, and sticky. I remember I then bought a fuchsia coloured dazzle dust from Barry M and had the ingenious idea of mixing the two together to make a pink gloss. I don't know why I didn't just buy a pink lipgloss!

First MAC item
It was their Studio Sculpt foundation. I bought it shortly after I started in a 'proper' post-Uni job and actually had some money to spend. I don't think I got colour matched or anything - I found the whole experience quite overwhelming so quickly decided on it, paid and swiftly left the counter! I remember using it for the first time was so exciting - I felt so swish.

First MAC/other brand collection
I don't remember which it was in, but the 226 brush from MAC was in a collection and it was sold out everywhere. I managed to hunt one down and was super pleased. I still use it regularly. I love how crazy everyone used to go for collections 'back in the day'.

First high end make up splurge
This is all a bit MAC themed but it was MAC. I made an online order and after buying four products, felt ridiculously giddy and guilty about spending so much!

First makeover experience
I've actually never had the full makeover experience at a counter. I have watched my friends and family have them but haven't done it myself- I've always been wary of being pressured to buy products (I am so rubbish at saying no) and also slightly scared of walking out looking orange. 

First makeup brush
It will have been a very standard Boots or Superdrug own brand brush I think. First branded make-up brush will have been the MAC 239 which again, I still use every day. 

First eyeshadow
I think it was one of the Barry M Dazzle Dusts in a gold shade, or even one of the pure glittery ones. I think I spilt it on the floor quite a few times, and it was a nightmare to travel with!

First skincare 'investment'
I bought the Clinique 3 step routine when I was 16. I think it was being heavily advertised at the time and I got sucked into it. I used the soap, toner and moisturiser religiously until I realised it didn't seem to be doing my skin much good. Later down the line I had a facial and the facialist commented on how my skin was quite dry and stripped of natural oils - she asked straight out if I had used the Clinique 3 step. I have heard that this cleansing system isn't the best from a few people now - although I imagine the formulation may have changed now!

First nail polish owned
Probably a very standard pink or purple from Boots Seventeen.

First fake tan attempt
I used to use the gradual tanner moisturiser from Garnier quite regularly but my first proper fake tan experience was with the St Moritz foam - when it was all the rage!

Daisy x
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  1. My first fake tan attempt was AWFUL never use palmer cocoa butter "gradual" moisturiser! Love this post.

    My Make-Up Collection + SWATCHES

    1. Haha, would love to see a picture! Glad you enjoyed :) x

  2. Really enjoyed readying this Daisy! Thanks for mentioning me :) xx

    1. Thanks for the great tag idea! xx

  3. Aww this is such a lovely tag! Ohh those Barry M dazzle messy! xx


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