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Life: 10 things I love about living in London

April 12, 2015

I have a real love/hate relationship with London. I will have one day where I detest the noise, the traffic and the people but then the next day it will be sunny and beautiful and I will feel so happy to live here. Here are ten reasons why I love it.

1) It's simple but just living in one of the most fantastic capital cities in the world. It may be busy and crazy and full of pollution but it's so wonderful to live in a place where so much is happening.

2) There is SO much to do. Think of anything and you can find it in London. Fancy going to a cafe that only serves cereal? Check. Want to have breakfast at 3am in Duck and Waffle? Check. Feel like rowing across the Serpentine? Check. Fancy being in the audience of a TV show? Check.

3) It's so easy to get places. Everywhere is connected and the transport system is so straightforward to use. The tube may be hot, but it will get you from A to B in no time. Apps like Citymapper just make it even more simple.

4) Choice. So much choice. From shops, to restaurants, to galleries. Choosing a takeaway always takes us hours.

5) London is full of tall buildings, and hustle and bustle, but at the same time it has so much greenery and peaceful places. There are so many beautiful parks - St James, Hampstead Heath, Regents - to name a few!

6) There is so much history in this city - I love walking around and imagining what it was like all of those years ago. One of my favourite places is London Bridge where you can see modern buildings like the Gherkin next to the Tower of London.

7) There are some really special markets that you can go to. There are the huge famous ones like Borough Market and Columbia Road Flower Market, but also fantastic local ones. We live near Brockley Market which is a weekly food market and full of delicious, fresh food.

8) Everything is open. When I leave London I always struggle with places closing early. Places being closed on a Sunday? What even?!

9) This is me being a total web geek but you are so connected. Internet is fast and there is 4G in most places. There's even wi-fi on the underground! We have a 35MB internet speed, whereas my Dad in the Lincolnshire countryside has barely 1MB. Soz Dad!

10) Walking over Waterloo Bridge at any time of the day, but especially at night. London is lit up and so magical. I always feel so amazed and privileged to live in such a wonderful city.

Daisy x

7 comments on "Life: 10 things I love about living in London"
  1. I'm due to move to London in July, and this post has made me even more excited!! I'd love to see a 'Ten things to do in London' post!! Have a good Sunday! x

    1. Ooh thanks for the post idea- will do this! Good luck with your move to London- you will love it :) xx

  2. This sounds amazing, I'd love to live in London one day! x

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    1. So good! I need to find some more to explore x

  4. beautiful pictures ! I would love to visit London !


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