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Life: My Travel Bucket List

April 26, 2015

I love going on holiday and exploring new places. I haven't done the proper 'gap year' thing as enjoy my home comforts too much, but did do a month of inter railing around Europe which was so much fun and a great way to see lots of different places in a short space of time. As you probably know, one of my favourite places to go to is Florida. I just adore it and could talk about it forever. Being able to travel and to see the world is something that we are so lucky to be able to do and I will never take it for granted.

Transun have asked bloggers to write a post about their top three dream travel bucket list destinations with the winner getting a trip to see the Northern Lights (amazing hey?!). So here are the three places that I really really want to visit...

1. Blue Lagoon, Iceland
I would absolutely love to visit Iceland - it seems full of the most magical experiences like seeing the Northern Lights and of course, the Blue Lagoon. I just can't believe the Blue Lagoon is a real place which is why I really want to experience it for myself. I have heard great things about bathing in the warm, vibrant blue water and how relaxing it is- I really want to try the mud masks too as I know it's meant to be amazing for your skin! It is a place that looks wonderful for your wellbeing so why would you ever not want to visit?

2. New York City, USA
The Big Apple. Surely this is somewhere that everyone should visit at least once in their lifetime. I have watched this incredible city feature in films and TV shows for years and am dying to go there. I want to hail a yellow cab, stroll through Central Park, pay a visit to Henri Bendel, buy cupcakes from the Magnolia Bakery and go to the top of the Rockefeller Center to look at the incredible view. 

3. Sydney, Australia
I would love to spend some time in Sydney (and Australia in general actually) - the way of living hugely appeals to me. I have a few friends who have moved out there in the past couple of years and their photos just make me want to get straight on a plane! The weather is obviously a big draw, but Sydney just seems full of beautiful places and has the beaches to enjoy too. It's the dream!

I would love to know which places are on your travel bucket list - do tell!

Daisy x

2 comments on "Life: My Travel Bucket List"
  1. I found it so hard to narrow mine down to 3! New York, Lapland, Disney world, las Vegas, bora bora, Scotland, Peru, Chile.... the world is for exploring!

  2. I had the amazing opportunity to visit Iceland and I would definitely recommend it as its landscapes are so unique and different from anything you will ever see. If you're interested I wrote a post about it ( where included many pictures I've taken, unfortunately I did not get the chance to see the northern lights or visit the blue lagoon but I hope this might give you an idea of iceland!


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