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Beauty: MayBeauty 'The Incredible Face Mask'

May 19, 2015

When I was emailed to see if I wanted to review a product called 'The Incredible Face Mask'* from MayBeauty, I didn't hesitate to say yes - it's a winner of a name. I love a face mask and am always up for trying a new one so was excited to give this one a go. I received the test package which comes with five face masks, a brush and The Incredible Skin Guide (a booklet with info on using the mask, and how to get great skin/help with acne).

The Incredible Face Mask claims to remove blackheads and dead skin in minutes. The main ingredient is deep sea mud and the mask is black, with a thick, almost gloopy consistency - it's not like anything I've tried before and I think the best way to apply is by using the brush that comes with the test package. It can be a bit messy but luckily comes off super easily (I made a bit of a mess around the sink, haha). 

Once applied you leave for 30-45 minutes and then peel off. I was a bit worried at first that leaving it on for so long would agitate my skin (as I suffer with rosacea) but it was absolutely fine. The worst part for me is peeling off the mask - as with any peel off mask it just hurts when you peel it! We had a comedy moment today as Chris had to do it for me. 

So the results - after using it my skin does feel very smooth, soft and looks a lot clearer. Chris has even commented on it. I've used it twice now and have been really impressed. I can't comment on how it might help on a long-term basis (they recommend using the mask twice a week) but initial signs look good!

You can buy the test package for £19, and I have also been given a 30% off discount which would make the cost only £13.30 (pretty good, ey) - simply buy through the link here 

Daisy x
2 comments on "Beauty: MayBeauty 'The Incredible Face Mask'"
  1. I've just used this mask for the first time and it loved it! Had a total comedy moment too trying to get it off, couldn't stop laughing and pete had to do it for me haha xx

    1. Haha, Chris had to help me with mine too!! I was laughing crying so much!! X


Thank you for the comment! x