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May 12, 2015

I posted a picture of my 'Pivot' print on Instagram recently and it got quite a lot of love so thought it deserved it's own blog post. My sister Jess bought me this quite a while ago (excellent present, I'm sure you'll agree) but it's only been recently that I've got around to bringing it home from my parents house and having it framed. 

I love Friends so much. I used to watch it every day and still watch it whenever I see that it's on - I was watching one of Corrie's vlogs where she described it as comforting and that's exactly how I feel. I love all of the characters and will never tire of watching the episodes. My favourite character is Ross. Who is yours?

But onto the print - if you watch Friends and are as obsessed as me you will have words and phrases from the show that you throw into everyday conversation constantly and "Pivot" is undoubtedly the one I use the most. Which is why this print is SO perfect. 

You can buy it for $10 (shipping is $8) from the Etsy seller, GrainandDot here. They also have a 'You're My Lobster' print which is brilliant too.

Daisy x
2 comments on "Home: Friends Quotes Pivot Print"
  1. Yesterday my friend showed me how to get American Netflix, so the Friends binge has begun! :)


Thank you for the comment! x