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Life: Millie Marotta's Animal Kingdom Colouring Book

July 01, 2015

Colouring - once an activity usually reserved for children has come back into 'fashion'. I took notice a couple of weeks ago when our team manager bought one and said it was for her rather than for her young children. Apparently colouring is great for relaxing and it has been highly recommended for people who suffer with anxiety or stress. 

Life, or at least my life at the moment is pretty consumed by technology. I will watch something on Netflix, whilst reading blogs at the same time. I will be on my phone at the same time as my iPad. I will switch off my laptop and then go to bed and check social media on my phone. I am pretty addicted to all things technology and about being connected all the time. I love it, but it's exhausting too. 

I decided to buy my brother and sister a colouring book for their birthday's and couldn't resist buying one for myself - I'd seen Millie's Marotta's Animal Kingdom before and it was the top adult colouring book on Amazon too. I can see why - it is full of stunning illustrations all ready to be made beautiful with colour. 

I have been loving using this. I bought myself a lovely set of colouring pencils and have found it so absorbing and relaxing to focus on just colouring in between the lines. It's so satisfying to see it come together at the end too. I really recommend investing in a colouring book and enjoying the simplicity of it. 

I bought Animal Kingdom from Amazon here for £3.99.

Daisy x
10 comments on "Life: Millie Marotta's Animal Kingdom Colouring Book"
  1. I really want one of these colouring books, I see them in my local supermarket for a price a little higher than this but I think i need to check out amazon.

    I need some relaxation in my life.

    Georgia x

    Georgia Petite

    1. Love how much cheaper everything is on amazon! I definitely recommend it for helping to relax xx

  2. Colouring in is so relaxing <3

  3. I bought one of these and crayons for a friend for Christmas and really regret not treating myself at the same time! Must put that right soon. =^-^=

    Sam | Momentarily Dreaming

    1. Ahh you definitely do! They make such a perfect gift too though :) x

  4. Gorgeous post and such a cute idea too. I’ve these books dotted about and have been really intrigued. The illustrations are beautiful and what a cool gift it would make. Glad you are enjoying yours! :-) xx

    Helen | Helens Fashion & Beauty Blog

  5. So pretty! I've just got a colouring book can't wait to start it :) x
    Glossy Boutique


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