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Life: Monthly Summary July

July 29, 2015

  • Have had lots of time in Lincoln with my family this month - they have got a gorgeous new cockapoo puppy called Betsy. She is the most mischievous little puppy and I love her.
  • Visiting Doddington Hall. We seem to go every time I am in Lincoln - I highly recommend going if you are in the area.
  • Enjoying the July sunshine with lots of walks around Brockley.
  • Going to the Lambeth Country Fair which was huge and a great place to spend a sunny day.
  • Making lots of smoothies in my new Nutri Ninja.
  • And probably the most exciting thing this month- we have booked a holiday to Orlando next year! We will be staying in the same villa that we always stay in and doing all of the parks - it's the whole family gang going and I really can't wait.

4 comments on "Life: Monthly Summary July"
  1. Aww Betsy is adorable, I have a Cockapoo myself and they are the nicest breed of dog!
    xxx Claire

    1. She is such a monkey! So much character. X

  2. Sooo excited for Florida! XD Definitely gonna watch those Disney vlogs you mentioned x

    1. I cannot wait!! Yeah definitely watch them- gets you even more excited! X


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