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Beauty: eSalon

August 25, 2015

I recently attended a beauty event in the beautiful Soho Hotel. The event was put on to tell us all about Fake Bake Beauty at Home (post coming soon) and also to introduce us to eSalon.

eSalon are a really interesting brand and have developed a really unique colour service for hair - they say that they are 'revolutionising the Home Hair Colour Market, One Woman at a Time' and are doing this by delivering custom, salon colour to a client's door at a fraction of the price of going to a hairdresser. 

Each bottle of hair colour is individually blended for clients based on their personal hair profile - you are asked about the grey in your hair, skin tone, eye colour and colour industry in order for them to create the most suitable shade for you. The colour is bottled, labeled with your name and delivered within days along with gloves, shampoo, conditioner, stain guard and stain remover for £18 plus delivery (or £14 plus delivery if you subscribe to a regular delivery). The service was created four years ago and grown quickly with them expanding in the UK as

In addition to this service, eSalon also have a shop with a great range of hair products from shampoos to hair serums. A couple of products that caught my eye were the Tinted Love Colour Enhancing Treatments which intensifies and corrects tones in your hair, and the Deeply Nourishing Hair Mask (I am a sucker for a hair mask) which I received in my goody bag and am looking forward to trying. The products aren't just aimed at coloured hair so it's worth having a look even if you aren't interested in that side of it. 

You can find out more and use the service at

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  1. I have seen eSalon but never tried it before however I think I'm going to go look into the Deeply Nourishing Hair Mask. It sounds really interesting.


Thank you for the comment! x