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Fashion: Disney finds

August 18, 2015

I have completely got the Disney bug. It may have a little (a lot) to do with us booking Florida for April next year but I have always loved all things Mickey and friends. 

Here are six Disney items that have really caught my eye and I would like them all please.

1. Minnie Mouse ears - these are so iconic and you can get them in so many different types and themes. These are the Disneyland Paris Minnie Ears with a Red Bow and can be bought for £14 here.

2. Vans Disney Backpack - Vans have come out with a fantastic range of Disney products and this backpack is one of them. I adore it. A backpack with a Disney Princess print - amazing! Also perfect for going round the parks. This costs £35 here.

3. Tinker Bell Personalised Mug - there are a million Disney mugs out there available to buy but this one really caught my eye. The sketch style artwork works so nicely and you can have it personalised with your name. The mug is £10 here.

4. Tsum Tsum soft toys -Tsum Tsum toys are a recent craze and I can see why as they are oh so cute! They are stackable soft toys which come in all of the different Disney characters and you can buy them in a few different sizes. Super cute. My brother's girlfriend Georgina is a huge fan and regularly posts about all things Tsum Tsum. You can find all of the Tsum Tsum characters here, from £3 each.

5. Disneyland Paris Minnie Mouse Spot Bow Serving Dish - this serving dish is super simple but really cute and adds a little Disney magic to your kitchen. This is £14 here.

6. Vans Disney Classic Slip-on Shoes - how incredible are these shoes? These are part of the Vans and Disney collaboration which is worth checking out as there are lots of other products available too. I love the pastel colours and how it's not too OTT Disney. Seriously tempted to get myself a pair! The shoes cost £52 and can be found here.

Do any of these products tickle your fancy?

6 comments on "Fashion: Disney finds"
  1. The vans are so cute, didn't know you could buy Disney print ones. Handy present idea x

    A Little Peep Into My Life

    1. I know, I love them- something a little different too! x

  2. I am glad my Tsum Tsum obsession got a mention! I love that Minnie Mouse dish - definitely on my wish list x

    1. It had to have a mention in this post! :) x

  3. I love that serving dish and the vans!
    I'm off to Disney in less than 2 weeks (so excited!) but haven't even created a wishlist yet! I definitely want some Disney art from Downtown Disney!
    Kate x

    1. Ahh have the most amazing time!! You definitely need to get a wishlist on the go :)


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