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Beauty: Premier Laser Clinic Review

September 08, 2015

A couple of months ago I was kindly invited to have a treatment of my choice at the Premier Laser Clinic - a leading beauty and skin clinic with seven clinics across London who specialise in laser, body and skin enhancing treatments. I wasn't brave enough for anything like laser hair removal or botox so played it safe with the Vitamin C Rejunevating Facial which is a gentle, yet effective treatment suitable for sensitive and skin prone to rosacea- it also claims to improve your skin after one session so I was sold.

After having to rearrange my appointment a million times due to various reasons (and the clinic were very accommodating which I appreciated!) it was finally time for my treatment.

The clinic
I went to their branch in Clapham old town which was very easy to find. It's a very clinical clinic (ha) but very pleasant and clean- if you want a pretty-smelling, spa-music type facial then this isn't for you as its all about the treatments. The staff were all very friendly and apologised for the delay with my appointment.
My appointment was half an hour late which was a shame but it happens, especially with evening appointments.

The facial

It started with a deep clean of my face (there was a steam machine which she used while she cleansed, I want this for my house!) and was followed with the peel which consisted of repeatedly painting the product onto my face and then massaging it in. It finished with a serum being applied all over. The treatment is sold as lasting 45 minutes but for me it was only 30 minutes and there wasn't a scalp and shoulder massage which was advertised on the site - I'm not sure why this was missed.

After the facial

Straight after the treatment I looked slightly red and very fresh faced. I also couldn't get over how soft my skin felt. For the next few days I cleansed with a natural cleanser and applied moisturiser regularly to keep my skin hydrated. My skin felt a little uncomfortable (not painful in the slightest) and a bit tingly but it was ok. Over the next few days I noticed lots of my skin flaking off - especially around my mouth and chin area but a week after the treatment this had stopped completely. 


The best thing about the treatment was the results- it left my skin looking so much better. It has smoothed its overall appearance and just looks cleaner and fresher. It's not a miracle worker but does make your skin look far more healthy than it did before!

The Vitamin C Rejuvenation Facial costs £90 for one session and you can find out more about Premier Laser Clinics here.

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