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Life: How I Get Organised

October 20, 2015
I have always been an organised person. I love to write lists, I love to plan and I love stationery so it's a winning organisational combo. I thought I'd share a few tips/tools which help me organise my life, obviously in a list...I could go into great detail on all of these areas but for now I'll restrain myself and keep it more general!

♥  My phone - I use my phone LOTS to help me keep organised. You could go crazy and buy a million apps to help sort out your life. I mostly use the calendar so I know what's going on and can put things straight into my diary, I also use a shopping list app which I use when I'm going round the supermarket and also Reminders for all of my 'to dos'.

Trello - I discovered Trello recently and it has changed my life (this may be an exaggeration, but only a small one!). It is an organisational dream. It's hard to explain but I'd describe it as a project management/to do list tool which looks like a Pinterest board. At work I use it as a to do list and categorise it for the day, week, month and bigger tasks and at home I use it to make lists of to-do's for house stuff, holiday, family and general bits and bobs. It's so easy to use and you can attach documents, images and checklists to your board as well. It's just amazing. I also have the app on my phone which is linked to my desktop board.

Personal Planner - I have been using my planner at the start of the week so that I know what is happening over the coming days and like see what I need to get done. I like having an overview of the week ahead and planning when I will do blog stuff etc. I have also been using the pages at the back to brainstorm new post ideas. The monthly overview pages are also super handy and great for seeing which birthdays are happening that I need to buy cards/presents for. You can read the post on my planner here.
Planning meals - when Chris and I do a 'big shop' we plan what meals we are going to have in the week and base our shopping list around what we need for these meals. It makes the shop so much quicker and cheaper too as you don't buy things you don't need or won't use. 

Let me know what you do to keep yourself organised- I'm sure there is some stationery that I'm missing!

3 comments on "Life: How I Get Organised"
  1. I love being organised! I'm going to check out Trello, it sounds right up my street!
    Kate x

  2. The one thing I need to do is get organised and it doesn't seem to matter how many to do lists I make nothing ever seems to work.
    Chloe xx

  3. Planning meals is such a great idea. I always advise my patients to do this (I'm a nutritionist) and I do it myself. It helps me cut down on my spending and it's good knowing what I'll be eating in the week =)



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