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Life: Monthly Summary October

October 29, 2015

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  • The month started with a visit to Center Parcs. The rest of the family were in the Sherwood Forest CP for a long weekend and so Chris and I went over for the day. We enjoyed the rapids, a  bike ride and all chilling out in the villa together.
  • We spent another weekend in Lincoln enjoying some beautiful sunshine, watching the last flight of the Vulcan and then attending an engagement party. 
  • Chris' parents also spent the weekend in London. We had a yummy pub meal and did an epic 2 hour walk around beautiful Richmond Park.
  • Spending a whole day very hungover after work drinks. I hadn't been that hungover in ages and spent the day doing literally nothing!
  • Listening to lots of the TED Radio Hour podcasts - really recommend subscribing. 
  • Also listening a million times a day to Adele's new song - Hello. Video is here (with Dixon from 90210!).

  • The Luckiest Girl Alive by Jessica Knoll. I love a thriller and couldn't put this book down- well worth a read, especially if you enjoy books like Gone Girl and Girl on the Train. 
  • I am loving Rebecca's blog at the moment and enjoyed her recent post sharing '5 books that will inspire you'.
  • Love inspiring quotes and this post by Hannah is full of them.
  • Victoria has written a great post, all about how to be more efficient in life and therefore reducing stress- read it here.

  • Game of Thrones - Chris and I were missing having a series to watch together and Game of Thrones seemed like one that we'd both enjoy. We're only on episode 5 but I am really enjoying it so far!
  • Once Upon a Time - I watched this religiously earlier this year and then had a hiatus over the summer months. I'm now back on track and am towards the end of series 3. It is such good escapism.
  • Made in Chelsea - it's back. Hooray!

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