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Life: My New Personal Planner

October 11, 2015

Meet my new personal planner - completely enabled by Mikhila. She reviewed it on her channel recently and I knew I had to order one straightaway. 

The main attraction for me was how customisable the planner is. You can choose your own cover, or upload your own image - as you can see I uploaded a collage of some of my favourite Instagram photos (created on ipiccy). You can also customise the back of the planner so I uploaded an image of four different inspirational quotes.

You can add text to the inside cover and then in the main planner you can choose the layout for each week which includes picking the colours for the band at the top of the pages (I chose pink with white stars) and fonts etc. There is also space at the bottom of these pages and you can choose three different 'modules' for this section such as a To Do list or graph paper - I just added lines so I can use it for notes. Another great option is to add key dates such as birthdays to the planner- a really handy feature.

At the back of the planner you can choose extra pages for it which include lots of fun options like pages of Sudoku, or even colouring pages. I was pretty boring and just chose the 2016/2017 year overview and lined paper as thought it would be most useful! I also chose to add a monthly overview page which is inserted at the beginning of each month.

A final bonus is that you can start the planner from whichever month you wish - mine runs from September 2015 to September 2016. 

I'm not sure how I'm going to use it yet- whether it be for life planning, or blog planning - or both! You can order yours here.

8 comments on "Life: My New Personal Planner"
  1. Such a cute and good idea for a planner, with how customizable it can be! Then it makes it truly unique to you :)

    Meg | A Little Twist Of…

    1. Exactly! Can make it so it suits you and what you want from a planner x

  2. This is so adorable! Love how you can customize it x

    Jordan | Keep Dreaming

  3. I spent a few hours yesterday looking for planners online. I can't believe that I'm doing this just as the world has become so digital but I like the thought of sitting down on Sunday and planning the week ahead! Really helpful to see that this is customisable... I am going to have a peek now.

    Inma x

    1. I really recommend it- have been really impressed! I know- I use my phone for managing my diary but like having this too- nice having it all on paper! X

  4. Oh this is very cool! I love it!


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