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Life: 5 Things to Do in November

November 05, 2015

November is a bit of a funny month. It starts off with the excitement of Halloween and Bonfire night and then becomes a big build up to December and all of the Christmas fun. As I did last month, here are some suggestions of things you could get up to in November. 

1) Obviously Bonfire Night is the biggie for November and all of the firework displays that are put on. Find your nearest event, get wrapped up and head down there for fireworks and general festivities. I am planning to go to the Blackheath Fireworks this Saturday which is free and is meant to be brilliant.

2) Visit a museum or gallery which you'd never usually consider. It's good to open your mind to topics that you wouldn't usually be interested in as you may be surprised. I visited the Imperial War Museum last year and although it's not a place I would have thought I'd enjoy, I actually found it really interesting! There are so many museums and galleries across the country- have a google and see what's nearby.

3) Make the ultimate Nutella hot chocolate. If you haven't tried Nutella hot chocolate, you need to make it immediately. It's so easy- simply warm some milk in a pan (using almond milk makes it extra creamy) and dissolve a big tablespoon of Nutella in it - if you have a real sweet tooth you can add more to taste, or obviously add less if you like a lighter flavour. Add a big dollop of whipped cream and lots of marshmallows. 

4) Re-live the sleepovers you used to love when you were 12 years old. Invite your girl friends over, put face masks on, enjoy loads of sweets and treats - maybe even make an ice cream sundae if you fancy going all out and watch girly movies like Mean Girls and Never Been Kissed. 

5) Get your Pinterest on. I am a huge fan of Pinterest. Spend an evening devoted to it, sort out all of your boards (or get creating them if you're new to it) and get inspired with the huge number of pins that are on there. If I am ever stuck for inspiration for anything - food, clothes, hair - then Pinterest is my go to place.

Hope you enjoyed this and as ever, do let me know any suggestions of things to get up to in November!

4 comments on "Life: 5 Things to Do in November"
  1. Lovely ideas, the hot chocolate sounds so good. Pinterest is full of so many great ideas, I can easily lose a few hours or an afternoon on there. =^-^=

    Sam | Momentarily Dreaming

    1. It is the best thing to use when you are bored or need inspiration- but does mean you spend hours on it!! x

  2. Great ideas. I'm definitely going to have to try the Nutella hot chocolate! :) xx

    1. Definitely do! It's so delicious x


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